Magnolia Purpura

Magnolia Purpura

When to transplant purple magnolia.

They gave me a flat purple magnolia plant without telling me that there is a transplant at the moment, someone help me.

Lucas, Magnolia belongs to the leaflora, Magnolia family, common number Purple Magnolia, Tulip Magnolia, etc. This is the Oriya, whose slender and flowering jasmine leaves are opposite, strong and spread with a long base with many branches. The flowers are beautiful in winter and also beautiful in summer, the flowers are large and tulip-shaped, creamy pink on the inside and purple on the top. The place of clothing is oval or egg-shaped, dark green in color, with a bright and light sheen. Meet the plants.

If your plant is in a plastic container, you can always transplant it into the soil, as long as you are careful not to damage the soil so that the roots do not breathe in the air.

Like most magnolias, they require neutral to slightly acidic soils. If you plant in fertile soil with good drainage and water supply, you will get the most out of your magnolia.

I will leave some pictures of myself.

It is best to water at the end of winter until the rainy season and let it dry once a month.

Magnolia Purpura