Maestro Mayor De Obras Carrera

Maestro Mayor De Obras Carrera

fast!!!! Where can I study your basic teaching career? ۔

I want to know where I can study your great career masters in Buenos Aires. I have not received any information about where to study or how to learn this profession.

The career of construcciones, entitled Mestre de O (also known as technical in construcciones), is a secondary career in technical, industrial, enes and service schools (as you would call it). . After graduating from high school, this diploma can no longer be obtained ... It is selected at the end of elementary school instead of a bachelor's degree, for example, the selected technical subject (construction, mechanics, electronics or Can be electromechanics)

For example, you can enter the Faculty of Architecture without studying it.

It depends on the area you are working in, whether it is a technical school or a private company.

There is a middle class in architecture, like me.

Where is Mayor Esther?

Maestro Mayor De Obras Carrera