Made to order

Made to order,

Definition of Made to order:

  1. Specially made according to a customers specifications.

  2. Produced or prepared specifically when someone requests the item, so that the item can be customized as desired by the person who requested it. Most fast-food purchases, such as burgers or sandwiches, are made to order; the food has been cooked, and items are warm, but the final product is not assembled until the customer has actually ordered it. This way, if the customer has any special requests, the staff is able to accommodate them. As another example, a woman could purchase a made to order dress; this dress would be sewn to the size she requests, and would use the fabric and pattern she desired. Also called build to order.

How to use Made to order in a sentence?

  1. The kitchens made-to-order breads.

Meaning of Made to order & Made to order Definition