Definition of Macro:

  1. Large-scale; overall.

  2. Short for macro lens.

  3. Group of several keystrokes or computer instructions assigned to one or more keystrokes or mouse clicks, or embedded in a program. A macro is actually a miniature but complete computer program (often generated with an application program such as a word processor) that carries out a sequence of operations intended by the user or programmer.

  4. Relating to or used in macrophotography.

  5. A single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task.

How to use Macro in a sentence?

  1. Many also double as macro (close-up) lenses - very useful.
  2. The analysis of social events at the macro level.
  3. Your lens has a macro setting for shooting big close-ups.
  4. The entire analysis is performed by a single macro in an Excel worksheet.

Meaning of Macro & Macro Definition

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What is The Meaning of Macro?

  • A single instruction on the computer that leads to the implementation of a complete set of more detailed instructions.

  • Generally related to economics. A study of economic aggregates and their relationship to money, employment, interest rates, public spending, investment and consumption.

Meanings of Macro

  1. A single instruction that automatically spreads over a series of instructions to perform a specific task.

  2. Abbreviation for macro lens.

  3. as usually.

  4. Used in conjunction with or in conjunction with macro photography.

Sentences of Macro

  1. Complete analysis with a macro in an Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Many also act as useful macro (close-up) lenses.

  3. The lens has a macro setting for close-ups.


Macro: What is the Meaning of Macro?

  • The same instructions on the computer that lead to the implementation of a complete set of more detailed instructions.

Meanings of Macro

  1. A single instruction that automatically spreads to a set of instructions to perform a specific task.

  2. A macro lens

  3. Usually massive.

  4. About macro photography

  5. too long.

Sentences of Macro

  1. Macromolecule

  2. Macro evolution