Macro Manager

Macro Manager,

Definition of Macro Manager:

  1. Macro managers are the type of boss or supervisor who take a more direct approach and allow employees to complete their work with minimal direct supervision. This leadership style is known as macro management. Some employees may see a macro manager as a boss who does not provide significant support or feedback to carry out their work effectively, while others are more confident and happy to be left alone.

    • Macro managers are employers who rely on their employees to do their job at their discretion.
    • Macro managers are more concerned with overall plans and outcomes than with individual styles or everyday habits.
    • Macro administrators can be accused of being absent and disconnected from daily worries.

Literal Meanings of Macro Manager


Meanings of Macro:
  1. A single statement that automatically extends a series of statements to perform a specific task.

  2. Macro lens abbreviation

  3. Usually on a large scale.

  4. Related or used in macro photography.

Sentences of Macro
  1. All analyzes in Excel spreadsheets were done with macros.

  2. Many also work as useful macro (close-up) lenses.

  3. Analysis of social events at the macro level

  4. The lens has a macro setting for close-ups


Meanings of Manager:
  1. A person, wholly, in whole or in part, is responsible for the control or management of a company or similar company.

Sentences of Manager
  1. Bar manager

Synonyms of Manager

executive, head of department, line manager, supervisor, principal, administrator, head, boss, director, managing director, employer, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, overseer