Definition of Macintosh:

  1. A full-length waterproof coat.

  2. Personal computer line developed and distributed by Apple, Inc. Macintosh computers have a specialized operating system, which differentiates from Microsofts Windows operating system. Macintosh computers have a user friendly interface and are reportedly less likely to get viruses that other operating systems. Macintosh computers may also be referred to as Macs. The prototype for the Macintosh computer, called Lisa, was first introduced in 1983 and retailed at $10,000.

Synonyms of Macintosh

Raincoat, Overcoat, Gaberdine, Trench coat

How to use Macintosh in a sentence?

  1. The cold, damp winters require heavy coats, mackintoshes (rain-coats), and warm woolen clothes.

Meaning of Macintosh & Macintosh Definition