Definition of Machiavellian:

  1. Someone who planned the Mickey Whelan way.

  2. In Machiavelli (14691527), based on behavior or philosophy, Nicole's doctrinal beliefs, whose name (in popular opinion) is synonymous with deception and imitation in governance and politics. Born in Florence, Italy, Machiavelli was his second chancellor and authored a book, The Prince (1513), which discussed how leaders of the nation-state could gain power and control. ۔ Although the prince provided useful and practical information about human behavior, he also showed a pessimistic view of human nature and tolerated opportunistic and immoral ways of manipulating people. One of his suggestions was: Whoever wants to establish a state and make laws for it, must first understand that all people are evil and are always ready to reveal their evil nature.

  3. Clever, cunning and immoral, especially in politics.

Synonyms of Machiavellian

Conniving, Insidious, Artful, Tricky, Janus-faced, Unscrupulous, Sly, Designing, Opportunistic, Two-faced, Wily, Cunning, Treacherous, Crafty, Conspirer, Double-dealing, Perfidious, Deceitful, Devious, Plotter, Conniver, Collaborator, Conspirator, Colluder, Schemer, Dishonest, Co-conspirator, Scheming

How to use Machiavellian in a sentence?

  1. The current president has used the Machiavellian technique to stay in power, which has made him a very scary and strange president.
  2. As Sartre acknowledges in his definition, "he affirms the existence of moral reality in the heart of our time ... against the Machiavellians, against the golden calf of realism."
  3. Some managers take the Machiavellian approach, assigning all company work to their employees. It can work well at times.
  4. In the workplace, there are managers who, like my boss, are very meticulous, and there are those who prefer a more empathetic attitude.

Meaning of Machiavellian & Machiavellian Definition