Mabrook Meaning

Mabrook Meaning

What is meant by Alfal Mabrouk ???? 3

Mabrook said it's Arach ???

Mubarak said it is sweat ???

Do you mean A Mubarak ... A Mubarak means 1000 congratulations to you

And blessed and blessed are the words of Arach.

In the Gulf dialect, al-phil means omen, but if you mean A is Mubarak, A is Tawsand and Mubarak is equal to Mubarak, Mubarak is the default Arak which means Mubarak.

Mabrook is a word of sweat and it means congratulations and A is not A to A 1000 then it means 1000 congratulations

Is a, not a fruit and it means ((hack berry)) (1000)

mabrook = congratulations

Congratulations = Blessed

Mubarak is the third form of Mubarak in Iraq.

As in English, we can Mubarked = Mabrook. To tell

Blessed means blessed

Mabrouk means you are blessed.

In Urdu, not only Mubarak but Mubarak has to be added.

Barik, Barka, Mubarak, Mabrook, Tabarak, all Arak words are the same

Like tobacco, Hello Fine Fake,

God bless you ....

The same name is Barack Obama.


Mabrook Meaning

Mabrook Meaning

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Mabrook Meaning