Luxury Taxes

Luxury Taxes,

What is The Meaning of Luxury Taxes?

Luxury Taxes means: An indirect value tax is levied on the supply of some unusual and usually expensive products that are arbitrarily calculated (e.g., toiletries, cosmetics, jewelry, pearls, jewelry and metals, etc.).

Literal Meanings of Luxury Taxes


Meanings of Luxury:
  1. Extraordinarily comfortable and luxurious.

  2. Luxurious or luxurious nature.

Sentences of Luxury
  1. Luxurious life

  2. Luxury yacht

Synonyms of Luxury

fashionable, upmarket, splendour, grandeur, luxury, high-class, richness, magnificence, stylish, luxuriousness, showy, bed of roses, fancy, select, smart, grand, milk and honey, costliness, sumptuousness, luxurious, lavishness


Meanings of Taxes:
  1. Rehabilitation of bones or limbs that are moved only by manual pressure.

  2. The movement or direction of a cell, organism, or part in response to an external stimulus.

  3. Regular arrangement of language units (phonemes, morphemes, words, sentences or sentences) in linear order.