Lump-Sum Payment

Lump-Sum Payment,

Lump-Sum Payment: What is the Meaning of Lump-Sum Payment?

  • Lump-Sum Payment means: Global payments are usually payable in one installment rather than in several installments. This is also called a temporary loan repayment. Sometimes linked to retirement plans and other retirement vehicles, for example. B. 401,000 accounts in which retirees accumulate large sums of money that are paid over time. When you have a responsibility, you are often paid.

    • Global money is the amount paid per hour in installments and the amount distributed.
    • For some, full, full payment is not the best option for all recipients. In the case of regular payments, it makes more sense to write down the funds.
    • Due to interest rates, tax status and penalties, the current value of an annual amount (NPV) may exceed the total amount.

Literal Meanings of Lump-Sum Payment


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  1. Request a cash discount

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