Definition of Lumen:

  1. The SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform source of one candela.

  2. Amount of light (luminance) emitted through a one-square foot opening, one foot away from a light source emitting 1 candlepower in all directions.

Synonyms of Lumen

ASA scale, British candle, Hefner candle, Scheiner scale, Bougie decimale, Candle, Candle lumen, Candle power, Candle-foot, Candle-hour, Candle-meter, Decimal candle, Exposure meter, Flux, Foot-candle, Intensity, International candle, Lamp-hour, Light, Light meter, Light quantum, Lumen meter, Lumen-hour, Lumeter, Luminous flux, Luminous intensity, Luminous power, Lux, Photon, Quantum, Unit of flux, Unit of light

How to use Lumen in a sentence?

  1. This 18-volt light offers 500 lumens of searing white light for 20 minutes, or you can employ the 250-lumen lamp assembly to extend run time to one hour.

Meaning of Lumen & Lumen Definition