Definition of Lumber:

  1. Slowly, heavily and strangely moving.

  2. Wood for construction, building, paper or similar purposes. At any stage of the manufacturing process, the wood can refer to the wood, including the logs or slabs before and after processing. It is also called wood.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Lumber


Origin of word Lumber

1960s of unknown origin.

Synonyms of Lumber

Litter, Trip, Embarrass, Waddle, Foot, Jog, Saddle with, Waddle, Limp, Rubbish, Boggle, Swing, Impede, Miscue, Cordwood, Strut, Press down, Handicap, Wood, Freight, Ensnarl, Billet, Three-by-four, Clump, Slink, Amble, Footslog, Scuttle, Traipse, Tangle, Play havoc with, Sidle, Lath, Sashay, Deal, Murder, ■■■■■■■, Clapboard, Slab, Piaffer, Plug, Land, Sheathing board, Slip, Boards, Timbering, Deadweight, Pole, Plod along, Trudge, Firewood, Beam, Shackle, Siding, Timberwork, Enmesh, Weatherboard, Botch, Encumbrance, Slat, Shamble, Scuff, Faux pas, Encumber, Two-by-four, Peg, Blunder upon, Scuffle, Raff, Snarl, Planks, Fumble, Reel, Timber, Swagger, Cramp, Blunder on, Lurch, Charge, Entwine, Tramp, Load, Bundle, Sideboard, Board, Jump, Disadvantage, Entrap, Bumble, Odds and ends, Stroll, Saddle, Spoil, Chug on, Planking, Blunder away, Entrammel, Prance, Weight, Stalk, Bungle, Butcher, Flounce, Blunder into, Shake, Truck, Tax, Slog, Stride, Stagger, Difficulty, Log, Plywood, Shoddy, Driftwood, Riffraff, Imposition, Onus, Rack, Embarrassment, Burthen, Overload, Lathwork, Be all thumbs, Plod, Flounder, Hop, Shuffle, Hamper, Post, Plank, Puncheon, Muddle, Lade, Splat, Stovewood, Shingle, Stumble, Panelboard, Impediment, Impedimenta, Trammel, Scrap, Blunder, Clutter, Dust, Weigh down, Clog, Impose upon, Skip, Stomp, Entangle, Roll, Totter, Sheeting, Slither, Sheathing, Cumber, Stick of wood, Wamble, Hobble, Stumble, Pack, Lime, Hitch, Straddle, Trouble, Commit a gaffe, ■■■■, Cross, Hippety-hop, Saunter, Wobble, Cargo, Wiggle, Paneling, Rejects, Cord, Hardwood, Straggle, Hamstring, Toil, Beams, Tittup, Bowl along, Cumbrance, Junk, Stick, Mar, Lame, Trash, Boarding, Fetter, Lunge, Shamble, Piaffe, Softwood, Stave, Pace, White elephant, Clamjamfry, Net, Panelwork, Toddle, Slouch, Halt, Plug along, Debris, Single-foot, Drag, Rub on, Involve, Mince, Schlep, Jolt, Penalty, Rubble, Entoil, Stump, Plyboard, Paddle, Inconvenience, Weigh, Shuffle, Burden, Lurch, Stamp, Jumble, Barge, Jog on, Lathing

How to use Lumber in a sentence?

  1. A truck filled the mirror and drove off in a rage.

Meaning of Lumber & Lumber Definition

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