Luis Miguel Dad

Luis Miguel Dad

What happened to Luis Miguel's father?

In 1986 Luis Miguels' mother mysteriously disappeared and is still unknown. In the late 1980s, Luis Miguel fired his father due to financial problems caused by poor performance. After their separation, his father, who was drinking, fell into depression and died on December 9, 1992 in Spain.

Have you ever found Luis Miguel's mother?

Marcella BastericAnd what did Luis Rey die of?

lung infectionAnd who was Luis Miguel's father?

Luisca ReyWhen was the last time Luis Miguel saw his mother?

Basteri was last seen in Madrid, Spain on August 18, 1986. Marcella Basteri is the actress and mother of the famous singer Luis Miguel. In 1986, when their marriage was in crisis, she moved to Carrara, Italy, with her youngest son for six months.

When did Luisito Rey die?

December 9, 1992

What happened to Mama Luis Miguels?

A great story of Luis Miguel La Serie is that Mexican singers are looking for their missing mother, Marcela Basteri. However, LuisMi (played by Diego Boneta) was separated from his mother by his father Luis Rey, and last saw her in her show at Luna Park in Argentina in 1985.

Approved for Luis's Netflix series Miguel?

The producers have finally confirmed the fate of Luis Miguel, La Serie But the most avid fans will rejoice. Not only does Luis Miguel's series air across Latin America (meaning it is no longer limited to Netflix), the producers of the hit series have also confirmed a second season.

Does Miguel speak Spanish?

Even though the host interviewed Miguel in Spanish, Miguel did his best to keep up. Hearing the family speak Spanish at home helps him understand the language better, he said, and he's working on improving so he can speak better.

Who was Luis Miguel's first girlfriend?

Who is Luis Miguel's daughter?

Michelle Salas

How old is Luis Miguel?

Age 49 (April 19, 1970)

Who was Luis Miguel with?

Dating Story 22

What Happened to Luis Miguel's Brothers?

A publication in the Suelta la Sopa newspaper reported that Sergio Basteri was last seen ten years ago in Zapopan, Jalisco, where a reporter took him on a bus. The testimony also suggests that he worked in a coffee shop in the country that he left after being noticed by the paparazzi.

Where does Luisito Rey come from?

Who directed Luisito Rey?

Luis Gallego Sánchez, better known as Luosito Rey (June 28, 1945 - December 9, 1992), was a Spanish singer-songwriter best known as the father and first frontman of singer Luis Miguel.

Is Luis Miguel married?

LuisMi has three children but has never been married.

Where was Luis Miguel born?

Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Your Luis Miguel and daughter?

Michelle Salas

What is Luis Miguel's Net Worth?

Who is Erika in the Luis Miguel series?

Luis Miguel Dad

Luis Miguel dad is Luis Gallego Sánchez, better known as luisito Rey. He was Spanish singer and songwriter. He also was the first Manager of luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel’s Dad

Luis Miguel dad is Luis Gallego Sánchez one of the renowned Spanish singer, songwriter and luis Miguel first Manager. Luis Miguel and his dad were close they were like friend and work buddies until his father become heavy drinker and made troubles in their life.

Luis Gallego Sánchez, otherwise called Luisito Rey (June 28, 1945 – December 9, 1992), was a Spanish vocalist lyricist and music chief, also called the dad and first administrator of artist Luis Miguel. Luisito Rey was the child of Rafael Gallego Rey, a flamenco artist turned circuit repairman, and Matilde Sánchez Repiso, an artist and songwriter.

His kin are Vicente, nicknamed Tito, and Mario. Mario Vicente Gallego was brought into the world in 1942 has 4 youngsters and was hitched to rosa barbarito before he kicked the bucket. Since the beginning he had an affinity for singing, creating and playing the guitar. His normal ability assisted him with escaping Spain and travel through numerous nations, including Argentina, where he met his life buddy, Italian model Marcela Basteri.

His imaginative name was initially Luisito Gasán (joining the principal syllables of his dad’s and mom’s last name). He later made due with Luisito Rey, Luisito being the minute of Luis and Rey being his dad’s maternal last name.

Do you know why Luis Miguel name is Luis Miguel? here is the reason, A matador fan, his #1 bull fighter was Luis Miguel González Lucas, also called Luis Miguel Dominguín, father of well known artist Miguel Bosé. In his honor, he named his firstborn child Luis Miguel Gallego. His first taste of progress was with the tune “Frente an una copa de vino” (before a glass of wine), a melody exemplary that turned into his greatest and just significant hit in Latin America.

Nevertheless, he was certainly not a one-hit wonder, as he had other hit tunes, including La Gran Ciudad and El Loco Man). Luis Miguel dad was born in small town on june 26 1945 but died due to heavy drinking after his son was financially bankrupt and had to kick him out.


Luis Miguel dad is luis Gallego Sánchez also known as stage name Luisito Rey, Yes, his father was Spanish singer and songwriter. So, it’s genetic.

Miguel luis dad named Miguel after his own father’s name. in honor of him which lui Miguel made proud everywhere.

Luis Miguel net worth

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, expertly known as Luis Miguel, is a famous Mexican vocalist who claims a surmised net worth of more than $200 million dollars, as of March 2021. Miguel is perceived as one of the best craftsmen throughout the entire existence of Latin America. He is generally famous in light of his astounding exhibition in an assortment of melodic styles like pop, enormous band, jazz, etc.

Luis Miguel is likewise viewed as the main Latin artist of his age who didn’t hybrid the Anglo market at the hour of the “Latin blast” during the 1990s. The total assets of Luis Miguel for the most recent few years is displayed beneath.

Here is the table related to the net worth of Luis Miguel:

Year Net worth by end
2020 200$ million
2019 190$ million
2018 180$
2017 170$ million

Luis Miguel siblings

The vocalist has two youthful brothers, Alejandro and Sergio, whom he was exceptionally close with when they were growing up. Notwithstanding, after the passing of their dad, their relationship changed. The Netflix series Luis Miguel: The Series, which is presently in its subsequent season, has resuscitated the disputable existence of the renowned vocalist Luis Miguel.

His adolescence and youth were loaded with family clashes that arrived at their top with the passing of his dad, Luisito Rey, and the vanishing of his mom, Marcela Basteri.The two circumstances have been investigated and will keep on being in the new period of the Netflix series.

In Season 2 of Luis Miguel: The Series, one of the timetables that watchers will be shown will be during the ‘90s, where Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) endeavors to adjust dealing with his two siblings, Alex (Juanpa Zurita) and Sergio (Alberto Caneva), and his profession after the passing of his dad, Luisito Rey (Óscar Jaenada).

Luis Miguel may not be a great son like his father isn’t a great father to him. Lusi Miguel dad always worked hard and at last got depression and started drinking which led him to his end. Luis Miguel has two brothers, Alejandro and sergio, both of them are not in touch with him or take any financial support from him. Although he keep providing them.

Luis Miguel unknown facts

With regards to Latin popular music, there is no name greater than Luis Miguel. For almost 40 years, Luis has ruled the music business with his fantastic voice and overpowering appeal. His ability became clear at an early age and all through his profession, he has demonstrated consistently why he has the right to be viewed as a legend.

As of late, there has been a recharged interest in Luis because of the show Luis Miguel: The Series which is a prearranged re-recounting his life and excursion through the music business.The show has acquainted Luis with another age of music sweethearts, and his inheritance is currently more grounded than at any other time. Continue to pursue to learn 10 things you didn’t think about Luis Miguel.

1. He Was Born In Puerto Rico

Luis is generally viewed as a Mexican performer, yet he was really brought into the world in Puerto Rico. In spite of long periods of sources alluding to him as Mexican, We Are Mitu states that this is a confusion and neither of Luis’ folks is Mexican. He was named after renowned matador, Luis Miguel Dominguín.

2. His Parents Were Also Creative

The apple certainly didn’t fall a long way from the tree when it came to Luis. Both of his folks additionally had professions in human expression and apparently he was bound to emulate their example. Luis Miguel’s dad, Luis Gallego Sánchez, was a capable artist and musician. His mom, Marcela Basteri, is an Italian entertainer.

3. He’s Very Private

There are a lot of big names who like to remain quiet about their own lives, however Luis’ longing for protection is by all accounts considerably more grounded. All through his vocation, he has never uncovered much with regards to his life outside of the music business which has made him become to some degree a secretive figure.

4. He Once Dated Mariah Carey

One thing Luis couldn’t avoid the spotlight was his relationship with Mariah Carey. The two met at some point during the last part of the 90s and immediately hit it off. The couple dated for almost three years prior to choosing to head out in a different direction. There are bits of gossip that they dealt with music together yet it was rarely delivered.

5. He Has A Huge Social Media Following

In spite of the way that he’s an exceptionally private individual and hasn’t put a lot of exertion into his online media presence, Luis actually figures out how to have an extremely enormous after. He has in excess of 1,000,000 devotees on Instagram although all of his substance is totally identified with his music.

6. He Has Some Acting Experience

Acting may not be Luis’ specialty, yet he’s most certainly fiddled with being before the camera. He has shown up over the course of the years on both the of all shapes and sizes screen. Certain individuals might be astounded to realize that he even showed up in Luis Miguel: The Series as a partygoer.

7. He Might Be In A Relationship

As referenced before, Luis has never been one to place his business in the roads, so he hasn’t publically uncovered anything about his relationship status. Nonetheless, a few sources recommended that he might be dating a youthful artist named Mollie Hannah Gould. Mollie is around 30 years more youthful than Luis.

8. Elvis Presley Was One Of His Biggest Influences

Luis has been chipping away at his specialty for the greater part of his life, and he began by watching Elvis Presley. At the point when Luis was a kid, his dad urged him to look however much film of Presley as could be expected and learn all that he could.

While Luis style is very unique in relation to Presley’s there’s no question that a portion of The King’s impact is in him.

9. He Won A Grammy As A Teenager

The measure of life span that Luis has accomplished in the music business is remarkably difficult to get. He was only a teen when his vocation truly began to take off. At 14-years of age, he won a Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance for the melody “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres” which he sang with Sheena Easton. Starting there on obviously Luis was an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

10. He Has His Own Wine Brand

Media outlets isn’t the main spot where Luis has discovered achievement. He is likewise a self-trained sommelier and business visionary. Quite a long while back, Luis delivered his own image of Cabernet Sauvignon and the wine has gotten heaps of positive criticism.

As indicated by Light Home, the wine is “smoothed with 15% Syrah grapes, it has a liquor content of 13% and gives serious fruity smells suggestive of blueberries, plums, dark currants, dark cherries and different berries.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article Luis Miguel dad:

1. How much is Luis Miguel worth 2020?

Luis Miguel Net Worth: Luis Miguel is a Mexican artist who has a total assets of $200 million. He is a global star who is cherished for his all around delivered collections and solid live exhibitions.

2. What does Sergio basteri do for a living?

Tuñón drove right to Guadalajara to furtively talk with Octavio, just to discover that him and Sergio have not gotten Luis Miguel’s assistance in years and Basteri has been functioning as a server and picture taker to endure.

3. Did Miguel raise Sergio?

At the stature of his vocation, Luis Miguel left his sibling under the direction of Mario Octavio Foncerrada, an overall specialist who, with monetary help from the star, raised him as though he were his own child.

4. What happened to Luis Miguel’s dad?

In the last part of the 1980s, Luis Miguel terminated his dad because of monetary issues brought about by helpless portrayal. After their antagonism, his dad, who was a weighty consumer, fell into despondency and passed on 9 December 1992 in Spain.

5. Did Luis Miguel sing with Frank Sinatra?

Luis Miguel had recorded with Frank Sinatra the melody Come fly with me for the collection Duets from The voice-as they said to the American star-, and had even showed up in the broadcast festivity of the craftsman’s 80 years, when figuring out how to Sun a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

6. Who was Luis Miguel’s first love?

La Chilindrina proceeded to say that Luis Miguel was playing with her that day on the yacht, and inquired, “Hello nena, do you know who I am?” After that connection, she boarded the yacht and went through a heartfelt date with him. As per her, that date was sufficient for her to become Luis Miguel’s first love.


Luis Miguel dad is luisito Rey, named as Luis Gallego Sánchez. He was singer and songwriter also had a lot of creative ideas. He was a heavy drinker which led him to his Death, because his own son kicked him out of his representatiom because of financial problems and slippery management by his father.

Luis Miguel net worth is 200$ million dollars in 2020. His own Netflix series has aired on Netflix and has gain alot of positive reviews from critic’s and viewers. Luis Miguel has its own wine company and assets. He is also a business man now.

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