Luftal Faz Peidar

Luftal Faz Peidar

Where did you go or when did you get the gas patch? 3

Since it didn't look commercial, Menina didn't want to go to the movies, so she took gas medicine and went there. UàDidn't he come out waving?

Or ■■■■■■■■■■

I've never seen a commercial like this, like I'm not taking medicine or not.

■■■■■■■■■■ (■■■■■■■■■■ without defecation) q can lead to fermentation of lead or two non-intestinal foods. They dilate the intestines and cause it, or they just disappear, are washed or removed in q sÃÂÂ.

Like medicine, it does not run out of gas. They have experienced fermentation or have formed less with it or, in addition, have left the forum. But the effect is not immediate. So this is a completely deceptive test.

Luftal Faz Peidar

Luftal Faz Peidar

Per ....

■■■■■, well ...

Or a gas bubble comes in without ■■■■■■■, which hurts me, and when you go to *****, this gas is removed from *****.

I heard?

PS: It will be, but technically well announced, but I was slow.

Hahaha, and that hand?

It is clear that the paddle is still there. It is not the same place, then paddle when you are sleeping, or paddle dar.

© © melr near the neighbor

Or fart and lift and burp !!!

Luftal Faz Peidar

Luftal Faz Peidar

Go away !!!

Therefore, those who take gas medicine always have * A's thoughts in their minds.

* A ƒÂ بیر The appearance of the idea of ​​eating coconut.

I know I've responded to an idea that it belonged to one, before they belonged, I drank lifts.

I turn the apple ... it's already over ... it's on the pepper ... brother ...

O medicine gas in the face, coming out of the stomach.

If he leaves, he goes to the same place or yours.

Alas, I know, but his stomach is full.

Luftal Faz Peidar