How can you get free tokens during the game?


From time to time they change the system, usually when you sign up you win 3000 chips, you complete or win, but with 1000 chips, 1000 accounts login with face account wins , So many friends win. How to go out and buy chips in the chips category already free Chips Free Plus is already a warning that sometimes N Sevana and sometimes not, so you often have to install software that is useful for browsing Paid Ads. Adware brings, but I already get 25,000 chips. Of course you take part in it and earn 300 to 1000 chips daily.

Actually, there are only one way: you earn 1100 chips every day when you participate, a friend can give you chips but he is afraid of being bought (he can't give you chips to buy, I I give you). When you enter the room, you can also play the manning above. It sounds like an advertisement, but sometimes around 50 chips (it looks like Lono offers a good game). Another way کھیل playing in the C game (first time out) is to have at least 10 apostate vocal faces and they can win the lines. Buy it anyway, not easy, I advise chips via SMS, I do it, play or trick Manero. It looks like a scam, 40,000 chips for 4 Rays and 70,000 chips for 7 Hours.

I have 7,000 tokens

A Lodijogos account must be linked to or from Facebook. And Facebook started playing Vivo. Every day I get tokens and from 2 to 2 I get a bonus of 800 to 3000 tokens. By collecting 100,000 tokens, you can transfer from Viva to Lodi Jogos. I never buy chips again. Out of tip, I can't download Vivango cell phones, but I'm afraid of being linked to a Facebook profile, I'm 2 out of 2 with a bonus.

It helps.