Luddite: What is the Meaning of Luddite?

An insulting term for anyone who rejects or rejects new technologies and / or new forms of work, often because change is a risk to employment. The Lloyd's Demonstrators of 181116 who destroyed new manufacturing machines in the early days of British industry to retain workers' jobs. Check out the light on the Word Resources page.

Meanings of Luddite

  1. People who are against new technologies or ways of working.

  2. Members of a group of British workers who destroyed machines, especially in cotton and wool factories, that they believed endangered their jobs (1811-1816).

  3. As opposed to new technologies or ways of working.

  4. Lodites of the 19th century showed or referred to machines that they considered to be a threat to their employment.

Sentences of Luddite

  1. Beginning with Lodtus, who destroyed British textile factories in the 1810s, he continues to find literary, artistic, and philosophical expressions of anti-technological thinking to this day.

  2. Playful movement