Lual Ou Luau

Lual Ou Luau

Which is correct: lol or loo? 3

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Hi guys, I just wanted to know what scrolling is!

VLW !!!!

LUAU ..... girl ... outdoor party

Leo is a symbol of romance, the beach, meeting friends, lovers, at a fruit table party, with lots of music and dancing, Haw © an Hawaiian folk clerk party ... music music lots of music and beautiful Dance, have the opportunity to take part ...

Lual Ou Luau

Lual Ou Luau

Sido or aura dictionary © lio I, correct writing ©:



1. Special air party dishes and background.

2. Ext Beach Party, inspired by Louva (1), with food, bedas, music and sometimes §a.

Or of course, a beach party with lots of flowers and fruit. The word comes from the festivals of the Hayana tradition.

Lual Ou Luau