Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program,

How To Define Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Program refers to Loyalty programs encourage shoppers to return to the stores where they typically shop. Some benefits may include additional access to new products, additional discounts, or sometimes free items. Consumers often register their personal data with the company and are given a unique identifier, such as a B-digital ID or membership card, and use this identifier when making purchases.

  • Retailers and other companies offer loyalty programs to attract and retain customers.
  • Loyalty programs offer gifts, discounts, or other special privileges aimed at rewarding brand loyalty.
  • Businesses not only promote customer loyalty, but also provide information on how consumers spend and which products or types of offers are most attractive.
  • While companies such as Starbucks and Delta make extensive use of loyalty programs, some retailers such as Costco and Amazon have annual subscriptions.

Literal Meanings of Loyalty Program


Meanings of Loyalty:
  1. Reasonable quality.

Sentences of Loyalty
  1. 34 years of loyalty to her husband

Synonyms of Loyalty

constancy, faithfulness, loyalty


Meanings of Program:
  1. Provides coded instructions to perform tasks automatically (computer or other machine).

  2. Set yourself on a plan or schedule.

  3. Dissemination (an article)

  4. A series of actions or activities related to a specific long-term goal.

  5. A set of coded software instructions for controlling the operation of a computer or other machine.

  6. A presentation or article on television or radio, especially regular broadcasts at scheduled times.

  7. Sheets or brochures detailing items or artists at a program or concert.

Sentences of Program
  1. Computer programming is a simple matter of recognizing symbols.

  2. There are very few modern works in the station program

  3. Extensive renovation program

  4. Therefore, computing power is quickly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.

Synonyms of Program

map out, show, production, line up, software, schedule, initiative, simulcast, telecast, arrange, transmission, plan of action, solution, list of artistes, list of players, videocast, prearrange, plan, project, list of performers, podcast