Definition of Low:

  1. Ranking below other people or things in importance or class.

  2. Depressed or lacking in energy.

  3. Of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.

  4. The lowest price at which a trade occurred in a trading session.

  5. A low point, level or figure.

  6. In or into a low position or state.

  7. In a low voice or at a low pitch.

  8. Below average in amount, extent, or intensity; small.

  9. (of a sound or voice) not loud or high.

Synonyms of Low

Humble, Lowly, Low-born, Low-bred, Low-ranking, Plebeian, Proletarian, Peasant, Poor, Depressed, Dejected, Despondent, Downhearted, Downcast, Low-spirited, Down, Sorrowful, Gloomy, Glum, Unhappy, Sad, Melancholy, Blue, Fed up, Morose, Moody, Miserable, Dismal, Heavy-hearted, Mournful, Forlorn, Woebegone, Doric, Hydromatic, A la sourdine, Abject, Abominable, Accented, Against, Ailing, Air mass, Alveolar, Anticyclone, Apical, Apico-alveolar, Apico-dental, Arrant, Articulated, Asking price, Assimilated, Atrocious, Automatic transmission, Back, Bad, Barbaric, Barbarous, Barely audible, Baritone, Bark, Barytone, Base, Base-minded, Baseborn, Bass, Bawl, Bay, Bearish prices, Beggared, Beggarly, Bell, Bellow, Below the salt, Bid price, Bilabial, Black, Blamable, Blameworthy, Blare, Blat, Blate, Bleat, Book value, Boom, Bottoming out, Bowed-down, Bray, Brief, Broad, Broke, Budget, Bullish prices, Business cycle, Business fluctuations, Bust, Cacophonous, Cacuminal, Call, Call price, Cast down, Caterwaul, Central, Cerebral, Cheap, Checked, Cheesy, Close, Closing price, Clumsy, Coarse, Cockney, Cogwheel, Cold front, Cold sector, Common, Commonplace, Compact, Compendious, Con, Concise, Consonant, Consonantal, Contemptible, Continuant, Contralto, Cooling off, Couchant, Crass, Criminal, Crisis, Crouched, Crude, Crummy, Cry, Cursory, Curt, Curtal, Curtate, Cyclone, Damnable, Dark, Dashed, Debased, Decline, Decrescendo, Decurtate, Deep, Deep-echoing, Deep-pitched, Deep-toned, Deepmouthed, Degraded, Dejected, Demeaning, Dental, Depraved, Depressed, Depression, Depthless, Despaired of, Despairing, Despicable, Despondent, Desponding, Destitute, Differential, Differential gear, Dim, Dimly, Dirty, Disadvantaged, Disappointed, Disapprobatory, Disapproving, Discontented, Discouraged, Disenchanted, Disgraceful, Disgruntled, Disgusting, Disheartened, Disillusioned, Dispirited, Displeased, Dissatisfied, Dissenting, Dissimilated, Distant, Doggerel, Done for, Donsie, Dorsal, Down, Downcast, Downhearted, Downthrown, Downturn, Drooping, Droopy, Dying, Dysphemistic, Earthy, Easy, Economic, Economic cycle, Economic expansion, Economic growth, Economy, Evil, Execrable, Expanding economy, Expansion, Expiring, Face value, Facing death, Faint, Faintly, Fallen, Feeble, Feebly, Feeling low, Few, Fixed price, Flagitious, Flagrant, Flash price, Flat, Flurry, Flutter, Footling, Foul, Frank, Freewheel, Front, Frugal, Fulsome, Gear, Gear train, Gearbox, Gearing, Gearshift, Gearwheel, Gentle, Gently, Give tongue, Give voice, Given up, Glide, Glossal, Glottal, Going, Graceless, Grave, Gross, Growth, Gutter, Guttural, Half-heard, Hard, Harsh, Heartless, Heavy, Heinous, High, High growth rate, High-pressure area, Hollow, Homely, Hopeless, Howl, Humble, Humble-looking, Humble-visaged, Humblest, Hushedly, Hypochondriac, Hypochondriacal, Ignoble, Impoverished, Improper, Impure, In articulo mortis, In bad taste, In extremis, In low spirits, In the depths, In the doldrums, In the dumps, In the shade, Incapable of life, Inconcinnate, Inconcinnous, Inconsequential, Inconsiderable, Incorrect, Indecorous, Indigent, Indignant, Indisposed, Indistinct, Inelegant, Inexpensive, Infamous, Infelicitous, Inferior, Infra dig, Inglorious, Iniquitous, Innocuous, Insignificant, Instantaneous, Intermediate, Intonated, Isobar, Isometric, Isometric line, Isopiestic line, Isotherm, Isothermal line, Issue par, Issue price, Junior, Knavish, Knee-high, Knocked flat, Labial, Labiodental, Labiovelar, Laid low, Languishing, Lateral, Lax, Least, Less, Lesser, Light, Lingual, Liquid, Little, Low-built, Low-down, Low-hung, Low-level, Low-leveled, Low-lying, Low-minded, Low-pitched, Low-pressure area, Low-priced, Low-set, Low-spirited, Low-statured, Lowborn, Lowbred, Lower, Lowered, Lowest, Lowliest, Lowly, Lumpen, Manageable, Mangy, Market expansion, Market price, Market value, Meager, Mean, Measly, Meow, Mew, Mewl, Miaow, Mid, Miniature, Minor, Miserable, Moderate, Modest, Monophthongal, Monstrous, Moo, Moribund, Murmured, Muted, Narrow, Nasal, Nasalized, Naughty, Neap, Near death, Needy, Nefarious, Negligible, Neigh, Nether, Neutral, Nicker, No great shakes, Nominal, Nominal value, Nonclerical, Nonviable, Obnoxious, Occluded front, Occlusive, Odious, Offering price, Open, Opening price, Opposed, Opposing, Ordinary, Outlandish, Overdrive, Oxytone, Palatal, Palatalized, Paltry, Par, Par value, Parity, Peak, Peaking, Peccant, Penurious, Pessimistic, Petty, Pharyngeal, Pharyngealized, Phonemic, Phonetic, Phonic, Pianissimo, Piano, Picayune, Picayunish, Pining, Pitch, Pitched, Plain, Plebeian, Poky, Polar front, Poor, Posttonic, Price, Prone, Prosperity, Prostrate, Pule, Put price, Quotation, Quoted price, Rack, Rally, Rank, Raw, Reasonable, Recession, Recovery, Recumbent, Reduced, Reprehensible, Reprobate, Reptilian, Retroflex, Reverse, Roar, Rough, Rounded, Rude, Runty, Scabby, Scandalous, Scarcely heard, Screak, Scream, Screech, Scrubby, Scruffy, Scummy, Scurvy, Second rank, Second string, Secondary, Semivowel, Sensible, Sepulchral, Servile, Settling price, Shabby, Shabby-genteel, Shallow, Shameful, Shoddy, Short, Short and sweet, Simple, Sinful, Sinking, Skin-deep, Slashed, Slipping, Slipping away, Slowdown, Slump, Small, Soft, Soft-sounding, Soft-voiced, Softly, Sonant, Sordamente, Sordid, Sordo, Sorry, Spiritless, Squalid, Squall, Squall line, Squat, Squatty, Squeak, Squeal, Standard transmission, Stated value, Stationary front, Stick shift, Stooped, Stopped, Stressed, Strong, Stumpy, Sub, Subaltern, Subaudible, Subdued, Subduedly, Subjacent, Subject, Submerged, Subordinate, Subservient, Succinct, Suicidal, Summary, Sunk, Sunken, Superficial, Supine, Surd, Swings, Syllabic, Synchromesh, Synoptic, Tasteless, Teachable, Tense, Terminal, Thick, Third rank, Third string, Third-estate, Throaty, Tiny, Token, Tonal, Tonic, Transient, Transmission, Trifling, Trivial, Troat, Turned-off, Twangy, Ululate, Unaccented, Unappreciative, Unapproving, Unclear, Uncomplimentary, Uncourtly, Uncouth, Under, Underprivileged, Undignified, Undistinguished, Unelevated, Uneuphonious, Unexpensive, Unfavorable, Unfelicitous, Unforgivable, Ungenteel, Ungraceful, Unhappy, Unimportant, Unmentionable, Unpardonable, Unpolished, Unpretentious, Unrefined, Unrounded, Unseemly, Unspeakable, Unstressed, Unwashed, Unworthy, Upturn, Velar, Vicious, Vile, Villainous, Vocalic, Vocoid, Voiced, Voiceless, Vowel, Vowellike, Vulgar, Wail, Warm front, Weak, Weak-voiced, Weakly, Weary of life, Weather map, Whicker, Whine, Whinny, Whispered, Wicked, Wide, Wind-shift line, Within means, Woebegone, Woeful, World-weary, Worth the money, Wretched, Wrong, Yap, Yawl, Yawp, Yelp, Yip, Yowl, Short, Small, Little, Nadir, Low point, Lowest point, All-time low, Lowest level, Low-water mark, Bottom, Rock bottom, Cheap, Inexpensive, Low-priced, Low-cost, Economical, Moderate, Reasonable, Modest, Bargain, Cut-price, Bargain-basement, Rock-bottom, Quiet, Soft, Faint, Muted, Subdued, Muffled, Hushed, Whispered, Stifled, Murmured, Gentle, Dulcet, Indistinct, Inaudible

How to use Low in a sentence?

  1. Jobs with low status.
  2. The school is a long, low building.
  3. His low, husky voice.
  4. His popularity ratings are at an all-time low.
  5. She pressed on, bent low to protect her face.
  6. Bringing up children on a low income.
  7. I was feeling low.

Meaning of Low & Low Definition

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Phlegm after eating
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Walk in bathtub
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