Low Yield

Low Yield,

How To Define Low Yield?

You can define Low Yield as, Terms used to describe low risk investments that do not yield high returns.

Literal Meanings of Low Yield


Meanings of Low:
  1. Height above average or below ground.

  2. Below average in number, area or low intensity.

  3. Rate yourself in other people or important things or in class.

  4. Not loud (in accent or voice).

  5. Without depression or energy.

  6. Bottom point, level or number.

  7. In either low position or low position.

  8. More or less

Sentences of Low
  1. The school is a tall, low-rise building

  2. Raising low-income children

  3. Low level work

  4. His voice was low and rough

  5. I feel weak

  6. Your popularity rating is the lowest

  7. He squeezed and leaned forward to protect his face

  8. Cattle coral

Synonyms of Low

unhappy, woebegone, plebeian, rock-bottom, melancholy, gentle, downhearted, moderate, bellow, heavy-hearted, faint, stifled, all-time low, reasonable, low point, inaudible, murmured, bargain-basement, humble, fed up, quiet, despondent, low-cost, glum


Meanings of Yield:
  1. Prepare or deliver (natural, agricultural or industrial products)

  2. Make room for discussion, demands or pressure.

  3. (Mass or structure) arises under force or pressure.

  4. Total number of agricultural or industrial products.

Sentences of Yield
  1. The country produces alcohol and tobacco

  2. Western powers are now giving up more than fighting

  3. When the door opened, she entered the house

  4. Poor milk production

Synonyms of Yield

pull in, quit, give, contribute, haul in, bestow, bring in, fetch, be flexible, generate, be pliant, bend, raise the white flag, give up the struggle, bear, provide, give in, accept defeat, relent, admit defeat, back down, net, supply, furnish, realize, lay down one's arms, gather in