Low Latent Inhibition

Low Latent Inhibition

What causes weak latent prevention? 3

Do you have this condition? Is it from Earth or can someone find it later?

I first heard the phrase "less implicit stop" from the TV series Sw Prison Break, expressed by the main character Michael Schofield. I was impressed by the way Michael Schofield and his brain handled information. If you are not familiar with jailbreak software, I highly recommend it. I found a short delay clip for you on YouTube

■■■■■■■■■ of latent basement with low resistance

Low Latent Inhibition

Low Latent Inhibition

Oh ... even though I haven't seen the software, I guarantee our delay is short so it won't be so weird ... my husband is in short delay ... I have to say, 'This is really good !! It's like marrying us !! The way your brain processes information is amazing, but it also has a downside ... Less delays increase your risk of developing insanity ... :(

When he was diagnosed, he was told it was due to high levels of dopamine and THC.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the delay, make sure you do it scientifically and never do anything that could harm you.

The attached link contains useful information, but if you do not understand, I suggest you spend a lot of time researching ...

It's a blessing and a curse ... Yes, you can process information faster than the average person, but it comes with constant headaches.

My husband has a headache every day of his life and sometimes so much information is processed that he is overwhelmed, as if he has lost his mind!

So proceed with caution.

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LLI is definitely not a problem. If you are looking for specific information, you should go to the Origin section of my website.

Low Latent Inhibition