Low Cheekbones

Low Cheekbones

w Can you tell the difference between high checkbones and low checkbones?

I have high cheeks and so does my mother. I realized this only recently and I already know a little bit about this topic. They are considered beautiful and have traces of their blood. When the check bones are larger than normal or appear too high, tall objects are easily visible. Most people do not have high cheeks, they are very rare. Just pay more attention to people and sometimes you will see them. I have Indian blood, so I take mine from here. Take a look at a picture of a Native American and you'll see it.

High things against low checkbones

You can tell that some people have high eyes on their face just below the eyelids. High cheeks are always under the eyes ... and seem to catch light very well

The lower part is usually through the nose. People often use different powdered balms and oils to create the illusion of high cheeks.

Most professional models have high cheeks. Checkbones notice any facial features, especially if you have good eyesight.

When people with high cheeks speak or move, it is usually possible to draw a small line from ear to nose.

Nicole is a great example of high cheekbones

For example, help!

Here are some pictures.

The model on the left is the model with high checkbones, the model on the right is the one with low checkbones

High cheekbones are considered a symbol of patriotism and extraordinary beauty.

I'm glad I inherited my mother's high cheeks.

Low Cheekbones

Low Cheekbones


Low Cheekbones