Love Without Reason

Love Without Reason

Do you agree ... Does irrational love last longer? 3

If someone likes you for any reason, there is no limit. For example, if you love a girl because of the beauty of her eyes, there will be many pairs of eyes that will be more beautiful than the one she loves. There are other reasons for this app. That is why love is love for no reason.

Unconditional love

I don't want love for no reason

Unreasonable love is as baseless, fictitious and meaningless as unreasonable hatred.

Hate for no reason is a form of prejudice. But unrequited love is also dangerous, baseless. You fail to love yourself for the wrong reasons or for the wrong reasons.

It is so irrational and wrong that it ultimately hurts someone, whether your prejudice is love or hate.

And if you love for no reason, is that something special? Your love will not be different from this, so why should I accept it and why should I value it when in the end I am not different from any other man whom you can love. Your lover can easily change, if what is behind your love is not based on anything then there is no detail that sets me apart from other people you love.

No, I need a reason to love and be loved, and everything else is cheap and meaningless to me. Because for good reason you love the person. To love for no reason is to love, to love, and perhaps even to yourself, but it is not a selfless act that you love, because it is nothing but the love you deserve.

Only for a good reason can your love be special and focus on the individual for the qualities that set you apart from your friendship.

I prefer to love for a reason, for the qualities that compliment me. It makes me special and unchangeable. And love has meaning.

Is unconditional love different from unconditional love, and why should it be a virtue? If you can't lose the love you get, like most of the material things we have, you won't appreciate it anymore.

I have long understood that love is such that you reserve it for a special group of people whom you deem worthy of it.

After a while, I began to think about what Jesus said, rolling the other cheek and loving my neighbor, bringing the two together, and I felt that he did not No exceptions. I know that he wants us to not deprive anyone of the love we owe him. I thought about the idea of ​​my love and suddenly realized that I do not love anyone at all. I'm just deciding everything and everything.

To judge someone worthy of love is not love, it is just a decision. In fact, I cried when I found out. The only thing I've ever seen in my life as a Christian is ruining myself when, in fact, I'm doing the exact opposite of what Jesus told us to do.

I have learned to judge the scriptures so that you will not be judged, and this was the first time I understood.

I realized I was too busy. Lots of opportunities lost. Now I try to apply my love for the world in a universal way, as Jesus told us.

When I get scared and think I'm seeing someone I don't like, based on what I've heard or heard, I try to correct my mistakes as soon as possible. ۔ I told myself that I had forgotten the truth and had fallen in love with the very thing that had given me so many love opportunities in the past. Misinformation is usually enough to wake me up and set aside the decisive rudeness I'm thinking about.

I still have a lot to learn about love, but at least I'm making progress.

Love and blessing

his brother

Wear something

There is no such thing ... and why would you want to?

If you love it for no reason, you will love others too, right?

Just because you don't know or just because you think the reason is a pattern doesn't mean there's no reason.

The reasons for falling in love and the reasons for falling in love are different. They enjoy each other's company ... why are they feeling this way now ... no reason ... so ... the statement is true keep loving ... and fall in love Those who can find your land can divide both.

Love Without Reason

Love Without Reason

Yes sir !!!!! I agree with the Indian answer.

True love lasts when there is no room for excuses or conditions /// When you love someone for their beauty, I think it is only attractive .. Love should be unconditional.

True love is that which is without reason.

Without expectation

If there is a reason to love someone, it is not real.

For example, a mother's love will show her children.

All I can say is that there is no such thing as love without a reason. Love can be manifested through your temperament, your intellectual abilities, your behavior, your family and your previous relationships with you. At least you love love.

I firmly believe that love is justified. And the reason is that she is my wife and she gave me all her beauty and youth and much in me, cursed me as her husband and promised to be with me.

Obviously if you love someone just because you love them. Instead of loving them because they are beautiful or because they belong to you, etc.

Love Without Reason