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Lottery Corner

Pokemon Diamond Lottery Corner? ۔

When I spoke to the lottery lady, she told me if the number drawn matched to one of my Pokemon IDs. The number sings to the right and I win the prize, what do you mean? I won a prize, but I don't remember my Pokemon having a matching number.

Does anyone here know?

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For example, what if my lotto ticket number is 28133? Which Pokemon do you think I should have at my party? Please give me some Pokemon examples with matching numbers to get the background.

Go to your Pokemon Review and go to Pokemon Info below (Original Trainer), this is your username. You want to have Pokemon in your party with more than one ID to have a better chance of winning. If you get four out of the same number, you can win the cue ball. But very difficult

That is, if the number at the end of the lottery ticket matches your last ID. Numbers win prizes! If the last ticket number does not match your last identification. The number earns nothing. To get a new background to develop your Pokemon, the number 1 must match to get PP or XP. Because (I forgot 1) 2 numbers must match to win the master ball, all numbers must match.

Lottery Corner