The definition of LOST POLICY RELEASE (OR RECEIPT) is: A document that allows the insured to terminate at the time of signing (and, if stated in the policy, by the mortgage lender) if the policy is not received.



Meanings of LOST:
  1. Part of the past and part of the past of defeat.

  2. He cannot find his way without knowing where he is.

  3. Which have been washed or cannot be retrieved.

  4. (Of a game or competition) in which defeat occurs.

  5. To be personal or not (something)

  6. (Some or none) found.

  7. Don't win (sport or competition)

  8. Make less money than you spend.

Sentences of LOST
  1. Help! We got lost!

  2. If we can find our lost youth.

  3. Elections were lost in 1979.

  4. I lost my appetite.

  5. I lost my car keys.

  6. England lost their first friendly.

  7. Newspapers lose 1.5 million per month.

  8. Missed the opportunity to be number one in the world.

Synonyms of LOST

unremembered, olden, drop, fail to grasp, astray, waste, be defeated, miss, out of date, unrecalled, vanished, previous, former, having lost one's bearings, lost in time, lost and gone, squander, take a licking, neglect, going round in circles, be bested by, fail, be the loser, disregard, suffer the loss of, give up, at sea, be trounced, off-course, be unable to find


Meanings of POLICY:
  1. An act or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

  2. An insurance contract

  3. Illegal lottery or number game.

Sentences of POLICY
  1. Controversial government economic policy

  2. They do politics together.

  3. I swear he has never been in politics in his life.

Synonyms of POLICY

line, scheme, intentions, procedure, pattern, practice, position, convention, mode, matter of course, theory, wont, system, custom, code, routine, style, rule, stratagem, schedule, blueprint, approach, stance, guidelines, tack, way


Meanings of RELEASE:
  1. Allow or allow free escape.

  2. (Some) move, act or let it rotate freely.

  3. Make (information) generally available.

  4. Forgiveness or release (of loans).

  5. Make movies, recordings or other products available to the public.

  6. Transfer of property, money or rights to another person.

Sentences of RELEASE
  1. He let go of her arm and pushed her away.

  2. Unpublished conversation details.

  3. The next amount is due to the loan that was repaid.

  4. A campaign by the mothers of the prisoners led to their release.

  5. The film will be released on Christmas.

Synonyms of RELEASE

make public, unhitch, manumit, set free, liberate, deliverance, report, loose, purvey, make known, divulge, unmanacle, disseminate, disclose, let out, broadcast, unbind, reveal, liberty, put out, air, publicize, untie, distribute, acquit, disentangle, break, let go, discharge


Meanings of OR:
  1. Used to add alternatives.

  2. Introduction to synonyms or explanations of previous words or sentences

  3. Otherwise (used to introduce the result when no work is done or not done).

  4. Add thought later, usually in the form of a question.

  5. This is the place.

  6. A logical operation that returns value one when there is at least one operand, otherwise the value is zero.

  7. Gold or yellow, like the Heraldic color.

  8. (Which forms a noun) refers to something or something that performs a verb, or points to another agent.

  9. Forms adjectives that express comparative meaning.

  10. The name of the form that indicates the state or condition.

  11. Operational research.

  12. Oregon (in official post use)

  13. Another level (as opposed to official).

Sentences of OR
  1. A cup of tea or coffee.

  2. Yoga is a series of postures or postures.

  3. Hurry up or you will lose everything.

  4. John's indifference, right? - Makes you restless.

  5. The only way to know God or man is through love.

  6. Round or

  7. Mechanical ladder


Meanings of RECEIPT:
  1. The process of receiving or receiving.

  2. Mark as payment.

Sentences of RECEIPT
  1. I would be very grateful if you would accept this letter.

  2. I try all kinds of recipes in the kitchen.

  3. Copies can be received and returned.

Synonyms of RECEIPT

getting, arrival, obtaining, delivery, receiving, reception, recipience, acceptance, gaining