Losses: What is the Meaning of Losses?

You can define Losses as, The term can be broadly defined as the cost of goods over a period of time, or more than the value of assets over assets when assets are sold or disposed of, abandoned or destroyed.

Sentences of Losses

  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Losses

trial , cost , deprivation , depletion , need , wreckage , ruin , debt , mislaying, fatality , death , debit , dispossession , undoing , casualty , misplacing , destruction , fall , disadvantage , mishap , overlooking, deficiency , cataclysm , misadventure , sacrifice , defeat , mislaying , trouble , forgetting

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How Do You Define Losses?

  1. The term can be broadly defined as an increase in expenses on a person's income or an increase in the cost of ETS on a product if the ETS is sold or sold, abandoned or destroyed.

Meanings of Losses

  1. The fact or action of losing something or someone.

Synonyms of Losses

forfeiture, waste, impoverishment, erosion, dissipation, squandering, diminution, reduction, disappearance, dropping, misplacement, losing


Losses means,

  1. Definition of Losses: The term can be broadly defined as an expenditure in excess of a person's income or an excess of ETS costs on a product if the ETS is sold or disposed of, abandoned or destroyed.