Loss Run

Loss Run,

Loss Run Definition:

  • Loss Run means, Regular reporting of claims from insurance companies to their policyholders.

Literal Meanings of Loss Run


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

mislaying, overlooking, misplacement, forgetting, dropping


Meanings of Run:
  1. Move faster than walking and never keep your feet on the ground or together.

  2. Passing or passing quickly or easily in a particular direction.

  3. Flow or flow permitted (in relation to liquids).

  4. Spread or let it spread in a certain direction.

  5. (Buses, trains, ferries or other means of transportation) travel regularly on some routes.

  6. Responsible for handling the business.

  7. Being in a role or running a character

  8. Continue or apply or be operational for a specific period.

  9. Become a candidate in political elections.

  10. Post or publish in a newspaper or magazine.

Sentences of Run
  1. The dog crossed the road

  2. Rumors spread among the herd of photographers

  3. On one side of the fort, a small river flows into the sea

  4. Cobblestone roads lead to a small harbor

  5. The bus leaves for the city every half hour

  6. Andrea has her own catering company

  7. The car runs on unleaded petrol

  8. The course lasts for two days

Synonyms of Run

move, option, scuttle, spell, run, glide, look after, favourable time, function, sprint, sweep, make a regular journey, shoot, be in operation, flow, have force, occasion, pass, spurt, way, feature, loose motions