Loss Payout Curve

Loss Payout Curve,

Loss Payout Curve:

  1. Representation of the time elapsed between the presence of the claim and the actual payment of the claim, d. It is also called the H payments profile for employee compensation and liability claims.

  2. A set of factors that reflects the percentage of losses that must be paid in the collective year and every year thereafter.

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Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

misplacement, forgetting, overlooking, dropping, mislaying


Meanings of Payout:
  1. Large sums, mainly as compensation or profit.

Sentences of Payout
  1. Insurance benefits

Synonyms of Payout

recompense, reward, payout, consideration, payment


Meanings of Curve:
  1. Form or shape curves.

  2. A line or contour that slowly deviates from a straight line in part or along its entire length.

Sentences of Curve
  1. Your face turns into a smile

  2. The parapet sinks into a thick curve

Synonyms of Curve

spiral, meander, twist, coil, snake, bow, loop, curl, bend, wind, undulate, curve, turn, arch