Loss frequency

Loss frequency,

Definition of Loss frequency:

  1. The total amount of times that a loss occurs in a particular time frame.

Meaning of Loss frequency & Loss frequency Definition

Loss Frequency,

Loss Frequency Meanings:

  1. How often is the loss in a given period?

  2. The effect of the claim on the policy during the premium period.

  3. The total number of complaints in a given period (usually one year).

Literal Meanings of Loss Frequency


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

dropping, forgetting, overlooking, mislaying, misplacement


Meanings of Frequency:
  1. The speed at which something happens or repeats in a given period or in a given pattern

  2. The velocity at which a vibration forms a wave, whether it is in a substance (such as sound waves) or an electromagnetic field (such as radio and light waves), is usually measured per second. ۔ A special wave on which a radio station or other system sends or transmits a signal.

Sentences of Frequency
  1. Branches are more often closed during this period.

  2. Different thicknesses of glass absorb different sound frequencies