Loss Forecasting

Loss Forecasting,

Loss Forecasting Definition:

  1. Analyze past losses and predict future losses. Past loss data usually takes several years (5 or more) to be reliable. The duration becomes important as the experience of recent years is close to the current threat, but the losses from previous years take longer to increase. Large numbers of laws, exposure data, business activity or structures, inflation, changes in employee compensation and all other related factors should be considered when predicting losses.

Literal Meanings of Loss Forecasting


Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

mislaying, misplacement, overlooking, forgetting, dropping


Meanings of Forecasting:
  1. Forecast or Estimation (Future Event or Trend)

  2. Calculating or predicting future events, especially upcoming seasons or financial trends.

Sentences of Forecasting
  1. Rain forecast for Scotland

Synonyms of Forecasting

forewarn, divine, prediction, calculation, foretell, forewarning, prognostication, predict, prophesy, augury, prognosticate, prognosis, divination, foresee, prophecy, augur, projection