Loss Control Report

Loss Control Report,

What is The Definition of Loss Control Report?

A simple definition of Loss Control Report is: Requests are often made through medium and large business accounts. An expert handling a job claim through an insurance company usually completes the report by inspecting the building (e.g., restaurant, factory, store), operations performed, or both.

Literal Meanings of Loss Control Report


Meanings of Loss:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone or something.

Sentences of Loss
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Loss

misplacement, mislaying, forgetting, dropping, overlooking


Meanings of Control:
  1. The power to influence or guide people's behavior or events.

  2. Groups or individuals are used as a reference to review the results of research or experiment.

  3. A member of the secret service organization that personally directs espionage activity.

  4. A superior card that prevents your opponent from manipulating a particular color.

  5. Describe behavior or monitor operations.

  6. Keep this in mind when doing experiments (strange factors that can affect results).

Sentences of Control
  1. The whole company is under the production manager

  2. They saw no difference between cancer patients and controls

  3. He sat in his KGB controls as he described the details of his new job

  4. Hired to oversee the company's marketing strategy

  5. No attempt to control change

Synonyms of Control

direct, reign, command, administer, steer, government, oversee, mastery, jurisdiction, sway, be in control of, have authority over, standard, be in charge of, sovereignty, predominance, run, check, rule, standard of comparison, supervise, leadership, ascendancy, hegemony, head, supremacy


Meanings of Report:
  1. Give an oral or written account of what you have observed, heard, done or investigated.

  2. Formally imagine that you have reached a certain place or are ready to do something.

  3. Responsible for (manager or supervisor)

  4. Representation of a particular article, including in the form of an official document, after a thorough investigation or review of a particular person or body.

  5. Information that does not support solid evidence that the speaker is true or not.

  6. A sudden loud noise or something like an explosion or a shot.

  7. Another employee supervised by an employee.

  8. The way someone or something is seen as fame.

Sentences of Report
  1. The representative reported a decline in milk and meat production

  2. Stuart should be in the experimental office on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. Rumors are circulating that the president will step down

  5. All our horses are very friendly and accustomed to listening to 0.22 reports

  6. No idea what workwear is all about, all reports are from the 20's.

Synonyms of Report

blast, pop, standing, arrive, statement, description, outline, account, clock in, gunshot, review, delineation, intelligence, character, bang, record, sign in, tell of, turn up, reputation, stature, name, information, delineate, shot, repute, exposition