Los Ojos Del Perro Siberiano Preguntas Y Respuestas

Los Ojos Del Perro Siberiano Preguntas Y Respuestas

CV rewritten in Siberian dog's eyes? 3

curriculum vitae

The story begins when the boy tells that his family lives in a big house in San Acidro. She loves handicrafts and gardening and that's what she remembers. He said his relationship with his father was more serious. His brother Ezekiel does not live with him. Her first memories were of her brother seeing her and the house. He is 5 years old and his brother is 18. He admires Ezequiel, Ezequiel is the teacher he has to go to and he will be the only person he will sleep with as a child.

Like my only other best friend and Mo is like a brother. One day when I got home I saw her parents and Ezekiel shouting at each other. When her father saw her he sent her to his room.

The reason Ezekiel left home was because his girlfriend was pregnant, had children and had intervened, so the girl's father told Ezekiel's father that Ezekiel owed his daughter, P Ezekiel said. From there he refused to meet at home.

The boy decided to talk to his brother about the cause of the fight. There is an address and e. This journey has touched your life. When he arrived, his brother was there and a Siberian dog jumped on him. The dog's name was Sasha. The boy praises her for this argument and Ezequiel replies that she has AIDS.

The boy had a nightmare of traveling in the desert that was killed by a bird of prey, but he could only see the tip of the bird and see it approaching.

One day while they were talking, his grandmother came and told him that she had gone to Ezekiel and was pleased with him.

One day the boy got bored and closed the book, when Clara, the girl who always helped him in finding books, was not there and another woman helped him. He started looking for books and went to Maria Elena Walsh's pile, read the scrolls, and recognized the song that his sister was singing. I got dizzy and looked and ran until I laughed.

One week before his request, he and Mo completed all the preparations.

Ezequiel then invited him to a football match. Your father won't leave. Friend, let him go forever. With this awesome party, they were happy. n In the house together, Ezekiel did not enter. Her father then forbade her to see Ezekiel.

Shortly afterwards, the boy tells Mo that Ezekiel has AIDS, so Mo gets angry and looks at E. He spent the New Year at his grandmother's house, which was also good because of Ezequiel.

When I returned to school, Mo ignored him all the time, so the boy decided to go to Escola Nacional de Buenos Aires, and since it was difficult to get in, his father put him in an institute that Was getting ready That was when Ezekiel had his first crisis. She had pneumonia and had to take medication. When the doctor ordered him to do a long workout, Ezekiel took Sasha for a walk to the boy's house (not far).

Ezekiel tells her that Sasha loves him because she is the only one who sees him that way. Ezekiel tells her to take care of Sasha because the raisins were sent to her grandmother.

The walk became longer and he spent more time at Ezekiel's house. There he finds a cello and Ezequiel says he wants to play Bach's sweet number. 1 in G Major. Ezequiel gives him books that he enjoys. The boy asked if he knew he could borrow the Cello Suite No. 1 album and Dad was happy because he always wanted the boy to listen to good music.

At the end of the year, he met her at home and also celebrated the boy's entry into the National de Buenos Aires. Summer was celebrated in the countryside, and when he returned to school, the boy decided to do more extracurricular activities to spend more time in the capital. When he goes to see Ezekiel, he gives him a picture of the stick in the F key (the key where the cello is played).

One day, the boy went to buy a book and found some friends of his father who told him that he was sad because his brother had leukemia. The boy has no knife to express his anger because of his parents' lies.

One week when he was 13, Ezekiel asked him to come in and there he presented his own version of Suite #. 1, which is not perfect because every note makes sense.

The boy spent the last days of Ezekiel with her. Ezekiel said that it was ironic that she had gone with him in a different way than her last father when Ezekiel was with her cousin. Ezekiel died with his brother.

Between Ezekiel, Grandma starred in Movie Blade Runner et al. Surrendered in front of, which is Ezekiel's last sword.

The boy studied in the United States and took Ezequiel's Cello with him, he never studied, but he always kept it with him for a year.

The boy returned the kidney a few years later, the kidney was the same and nothing more.

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Los Ojos Del Perro Siberiano Preguntas Y Respuestas