Definition of Looping:

In movies, TV shows, etc., the act of copying the original movie content by synchronizing (synchronizing) with new or alternative dialogs.

Meanings of Looping

  1. Model (something) in a circle or circular loop.

  2. A shape that depends on the curve, the curve.

  3. A structure, series or process whose end is connected to the beginning.

Sentences of Looping

  1. He put his arm around her neck

  2. Rope loop

  3. Feedback loop

Synonyms of Looping

arc, twist, spiral, make a circle with, coil, curve, bend into whorls, make circles with, bend, wreathe, form a hoop with, form hoops with, snake, bend into spirals, ■■■■, wind



  • In movies, television shows, etc., the process of translating spoken recordings into movies, adapting them to new or alternative dialogues.


Looping Meanings:

  1. The definition of Looping is: The process of overwriting spoken film sequences in movies, television shows, etc., aligning them with new or alternative dialogues.

Sentences of Looping

  1. He put his arms around her neck.

Synonyms of Looping

bend into spirals/whorls