Definition of Loophole:

  1. Make arrow slits in (a wall or building).

  2. An ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules.

  3. A loophole is a technicality that allows a person or business to avoid the scope of a law or restriction without directly violating the law. Used often in discussions of taxes and their avoidance, loopholes provide ways for individuals and companies to remove income or assets from taxable situations into ones with lower taxes or none at all.

  4. Usually-unintended ambiguity, exception, omission, or technical defect in a text that allows a legal interpretation or practice which evades or frustrates the intent of a contract, law, or rule without violating its literal interpretation.

  5. An arrow slit in a wall.

  6. Loopholes are most prevalent in complex business deals involving tax issues, political issues, and legal statutes. They can be found within contract details, building codes and tax codes, among others.

Synonyms of Loophole

Texas tower, Abatis, Advanced work, Air hole, Alternative, Armhole, Avenue, Balistraria, Bank, Banquette, Barbed-wire entanglement, Barbican, Barricade, Barrier, Bartizan, Bastion, Battlement, Beacon, Belvedere, Bleachers, Blowhole, Breastwork, Bridge, Bullet-hole, Bulwark, Bunghole, Casemate, Channel, Cheval-de-frise, Choice, Chute, Circumvallation, Conning tower, Contravallation, Counterscarp, Cringle, Curtain, Deadeye, Debouch, Demibastion, Dike, Dodge, Door, Drawbridge, Earthwork, Egress, Emunctory, Enclosure, Entanglement, Escape, Escape clause, Escape hatch, Escarp, Escarpment, Estuary, Evasion, Exhaust, Exit, Eye, Eyelet, Fence, Fieldwork, Floodgate, Flume, Fortalice, Fortification, Gallery, Gasket, Gazebo, Glacis, Grandstand, Grommet, Guide, Keyhole, Knothole, Lighthouse, Lookout, Loop, Lunette, Machicolation, Manhole, Mantelet, Merlon, Mound, Mousehole, Observation post, Observatory, Opening, Out, Outcome, Outfall, Outgate, Outgo, Outlet, Outlook, Outwork, Overlook, Palisade, Parados, Parapet, Peanut gallery, Peephole, Pharos, Pigeonhole, Pinhole, Placket, Placket hole, Pore, Port, Portcullis, Porthole, Postern gate, Pretext, Punch-hole, Quibble, Rampart, Ravelin, Redan, Redoubt, Ringside, Ringside seat, Sally port, Saving clause, Scarp, Sconce, Sighthole, Sluice, Spiracle, Spout, Stockade, Subterfuge, Tap, Tenaille, Top gallery, Tower, Vallation, Vallum, Vent, Ventage, Venthole, Vomitory, Watchtower, Way of escape, Way out, Weir, Work, Hole, Gap, Opening, Aperture, Chink, Slit, Slot, Means of avoidance, Means of evasion, Means of escape, Escape clause, Escape route

How to use Loophole in a sentence?

  1. Most loopholes are closed over time, but some remain open because powerful actors lobby to maintain them.
  2. Common loopholes are found in taxes and avoiding taxes, as well as with political issues such as political donations.
  3. A loophole is basically a technicality that allows one to escape violating the law through some activity.
  4. Domestic buildings in the right place could be fortified by having their walls pierced by loopholes, their floors either removed or strengthened, and their doors and windows blocked.
  5. The walls of the barracks were loopholed for muskets.
  6. They exploited tax loopholes.

Meaning of Loophole & Loophole Definition