Definition of Loop:

  1. A structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning.

  2. Project management: Set of symbols that indicates one or more activities are mutually dependent.

  3. Form (something) into a loop or loops; encircle.

  4. A shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.

  5. General: Circuitous series of events or steps, such as a feedback loop.

  6. Programming: One or more instructions performed repeatedly by a program until a specified condition is satisfied.

  7. Electrical/Electronic: A complete circuit, such as the pair of wires that connects a users (subscribers) telephone system with the telephone exchange.

Synonyms of Loop

Bend, Curve, Kink, Arc, O, Air hole, Ambit, Annular muscle, Annulus, Arc, Arch, Areola, Armhole, Association, Aureole, Band, Bank, Beat, Begird, Belt, Belt in, Bend, Bend back, Beset, Bilge, Blain, Bleb, Blister, Blob, Blowhole, Boss, Bow, Braid, Break, Broken circuit, Bubble, Bulb, Bulge, Bulla, Bullet-hole, Bump, Bunch, Bunghole, Burl, Button, Cahot, Chaplet, Chine, Cincture, Circle, Circlet, Circuit, Circuital field, Circumference, Circus, Closed circle, Closed circuit, Clump, Coil, Compass, Complete circuit, Condyle, Conference, Convex, Corona, Coronet, Crab, Cringle, Crook, Crown, Curl, Curve, Cycle, Dead circuit, Deadeye, Decurve, Deflect, Diadem, Dip, Discus, Disk, Dome, Dowel, Ear, Embow, Encincture, Encircle, Encompass, Engird, Enlace, Ensphere, Entwine, Eternal return, Eye, Eyelet, Fairy ring, Feather, Fishtail, Flange, Flap, Flex, Full circle, Gall, Galvanic circuit, Garland, Gasket, Gird, Girdle, Glory, Gnarl, Grommet, Ground loop, Guide, Halo, Handle, Hill, Hook, Hoop, Hot circuit, Hump, Hunch, Incurvate, Incurve, Inflect, Interknit, Interlace, Intertie, Intertissue, Intertwine, Intertwist, Interweave, Intort, Jog, Joggle, Keyhole, Knit, Knob, Knot, Knothole, Knur, Knurl, Lace, Lap, Lasso, Lateral circuit, Leg, Lip, Live circuit, Logical circle, Loom, Loophole, Looplet, Lump, Magic circle, Magnetic circuit, Manhole, Mat, Microcircuit, Mole, Mountain, Mousehole, Multiple circuit, Multiple series, Net, Nevus, Noose, Nub, Nubbin, Nubble, Orbit, Papilloma, Path, Peephole, Peg, Pigeonhole, Pinhole, Placket, Placket hole, Plait, Pleach, Plow, Porpoise, Porthole, Printed circuit, Pull out, Pull up, Punch-hole, Push down, Raddle, Radius, Recurve, Reflect, Reflex, Retroflex, Revolution, Rib, Ridge, Ring, Roll, Rondelle, Round, Round trip, Roundel, Rounds, Sag, Saucer, Series multiple, Short, Short circuit, Shoulder, Sideslip, Skid, Sphincter, Spin, Spine, Spiracle, Spiral, Splice, Staple, Stud, Stunt, Style, Swag, Sweep, Tab, Tap, Tie, Tissue, Tour, Tubercle, Tubercule, Turn, Twill, Twine, Twine around, Twist, Undulate, Vault, Vector field, Vent, Venthole, Verruca, Vesicle, Vicious circle, Wale, Walk, Wart, Wattle, Weave, Web, Welt, Wheel, Whorl, Wind, Wreath, Wreathe, Wreathe around, Yaw, Zone, Coil, Wind, Twist, Snake, Wreathe, Spiral, Form a hoop with, Form hoops with, Make a circle with, Make circles with, Bend into spirals, Bend into whorls

How to use Loop in a sentence?

  1. She looped her arms around his neck.
  2. Make a loop in the twine.
  3. A feedback loop.

Meaning of Loop & Loop Definition

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