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I recently visited a website called Loop Abroad, which offers a variety of summer trips for high school students. You will go to Thailand for 2 weeks to volunteer and meet lions, elephants and dogs from a veterinarian's point of view. It can be a wonderful experience for me if you read it. I'm not sure if it is. We say I'm not asking anonymous online users to share this information, but it's worth it. Please let me know if you can prove it or if I can figure it out myself. Thank you very much!

Yes, there is a business, but it is nothing more than a profitable and profitable business that earns very little and volunteers here. There are many such organizations that offer two to four week trips to Chiang Mai to work with elephants. I actually visited the Elephant Nature Park and saw volunteers working there.

What these companies do not say is that volunteers need 0 visas and work permits to volunteer in Thailand. All they can say is that you can come here for 30 days without a visa (no visa). Yes, many people do and they have no problem, but you are still violating immigration laws and you should be aware of that.

The program also has a lot of e. $ 1,800 and they earn very little and you have to pay the airfare. For 1,800 you can go to Thailand for 3-4 weeks of your trip.

You can organize and contact Park Natural Do Elephant volunteers on their website.

I want to tell you the real facts before making a decision.

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Yes, this company is the largest and probably the most famous company of its kind in Chiang Mai. I live in Chiang Mai and have been a member of this organization for many years. As far as I know, most of the school fees are used for this purpose, especially ARK Sanctuary and Elephant Nature Park. They have brought veterinarians from the United States here to treat stray dogs in Chiang Mai, and foreigners have acknowledged that fewer stray dogs are following us. :)

I looked at your question and saw your website and it seems to be the only website working in Chiang Mai and very much focused on animal welfare.

The answer to the visa information is incorrect. Elephant Nature Park is registered by the Thai government as a tourist attraction. Although park visitors definitely work, they are all tourists when it comes to the Thai government. Elephant Nature Park is not doing well with the Thai government (Google if bored) and the Thai government will definitely stop the operation now if it thinks the park is against the law by allowing tourists to volunteer. Is violating

The 0 visa mentioned by this person is for long-term relief workers and is not suitable or necessary for a week-long visit to the Elephant Natural Park.

The post you are looking at is misleading. Glad to see that the account has been suspended.

I have a 16-year-old son who participated in the Thai Elephant Program last summer and had an unforgettable time on the trip. I was very skeptical and nervous about sending my teenage son to Thailand, but the integration became professional and I felt good. I had an experience that he will always remember and now I am talking about becoming a veterinarian. :) Highly recommended!

When trying to figure out if this is true or not ... your best friend is Nestly Google ... google and see what you can find there ... and youtube ... in general But if it's a hoax, things come up, but it's a hoax

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