Longitudinal Data

Longitudinal Data,

What Does Longitudinal Data Mean?

Longitudinal Data means: Latitude data, sometimes called panel data, is the same data collected from time to time by a series of observations on the same subject and is useful for measuring changes. Predictive statistics effectively follow the same pattern over time, which is fundamentally different from cross-sectional data because they follow the same theme over time, while cross-sectional data shows a different theme ( Be it individual, company, country or region). . ) anytime. Meanwhile, new random samples are always taken from cross-sectional data sets.

  • Latitude data is data collected from the same respondents at the same time.
  • This type of data can be very important in keeping track of trends and changes over time, asking the same respondent in multiple waves over time.
  • Longitude data is used in financial aid to track profits and business risk and to understand the effects of economic shocks.

Literal Meanings of Longitudinal Data


Meanings of Longitudinal:
  1. Not here and there, let's go together.

  2. About the length measured from east to west.

  3. (Search or data) that contains information about a person or group that is collected over a period of time.

Sentences of Longitudinal
  1. Muscle length

  2. Long term

  3. Longitudinal study of ten patients


Meanings of Data:
  1. Facts and data are collected for reference or analysis.

Sentences of Data
  1. Some statistics are available

Synonyms of Data

figures, statistics, details, particulars, features, facts, specifics