Long-Term Debt To Total Assets Ratio

Long-Term Debt To Total Assets Ratio,

Long-Term Debt To Total Assets Ratio Meanings:

  1. Long-term borrowed capital in total assets is a measure of the proportion of a company's assets that is financed by long-term borrowed capital, including loans or other securities with a maturity of more than one year. This ratio provides an overall measure of a company's long-term financial condition, including its ability to meet its debt obligations.

    • A long-term debt of total assets is a hedge or solvency ratio used to calculate the amount of a company's debt.
    • Matriculation results show the percentage of a company's assets that must be eliminated in order to repay its long-term debt.
    • Recounting the index over time may indicate the company's decision to increase its equity assets and its ability to repay the loan over time.

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