Long-Term Assets

Long-Term Assets,

Long-Term Assets means,

  • Long-Term Assets can be defined as, Long-term assets are tangible or immovable assets that will benefit the company for more than a year. Long-term assets, also called long-term assets, may include property, plant and equipment, such as company fixed assets, plant and equipment, but may also include other assets, such as long-term investments, Patents, copyrights, franchises, goodwill, trademarks and trade names, and software.

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Long-Term Assets,

What is Long-Term Assets?

The definition of Long-Term Assets is: Long-term STS is STS, believe it or not, that has been benefiting the company for over a year. Also known as non-existent and long-term, it can be defined as the company's fixed assets, fixed plant and equipment, but it also includes other non-current investments, patents, copyrights, franchising, well. Engagement, trademarks and trade names can also be included. Software

Literal Meanings of Long-Term Assets


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