Long Run

Long Run,

Long Run: What is the Meaning of Long Run?

  1. There is a long-term period in which all production factors and costs are variable. In the long run, the company can adjust all costs. In the short term, companies can only influence prices by adjusting the amount they produce. While a company can become a monopoly in the short term, it can counteract competition in the long run.

Literal Meanings of Long Run


Meanings of Long:
  1. For a long time.

  2. (Referring to the ball in the game) on, or at a great distance, or expected or exceeded

  3. Long intervals or periods.

  4. Long sounds, for example B. Long Morse code or long head or long long words.

  5. Long-term bonds, especially gold.

  6. Take a long distance from one end to the other.

  7. Takes time or takes a long time

  8. Relatively large scale.

  9. (Heads) are categorized as long in terms of quality and length (for example, head / u mechan / is longer than the long letter in food in standard British English // in one of them).

  10. (Difficulty or luck) Reflecting or representing lesser possibilities.

  11. (Stocks, bonds or other assets) are acquired in anticipation of a price increase.

  12. Stored well.

  13. Strong desire or longing.

Sentences of Long
  1. We haven't known him in a long time

  2. The defender retreats and throws the long ball

  3. will meet again

  4. Two long and one short

  5. When dollar rallies occur, gold is under pressure and you may need to move to a weaker long position before resuming your advance.

  6. Long way

Synonyms of Long

be unable to wait, spun-out, protracted, lingering, interminable, in a minute, thirst, burn, hunger, be desperate, in a moment, soon, overlong, hanker for, of considerable length, hope, be eager, long-drawn-out, seemingly endless, spread out


Meanings of Run:
  1. Move faster than walking and never keep your feet on the ground or together.

  2. Passing or passing quickly or easily in a particular direction

  3. Flow or flow permitted (in relation to liquids).

  4. Spread or let it spread in a certain direction

  5. (Buses, trains, ferries or other means of transportation) travel regularly on some routes.

  6. Take charge.

  7. If you are, run or run the function.

  8. Continue or apply or work for a set period

  9. Become a candidate in political elections.

  10. Post or publish in a newspaper or magazine.

  11. Smuggling (goods) to a country illegally and secretly.

Sentences of Run
  1. The dog crossed the road

  2. Rumors spread among the herd of photographers

  3. On one side of the fort, a small river flows into the sea

  4. Cobblestone roads lead to a small harbor

  5. The bus leaves for the city every half hour

  6. Andrea has her own catering company

Synonyms of Run

put oneself up for, type, rip, hare, govern, hole, double, speed, order, journey, coop, rush, lead, clear run, way, appropriate occasion, pour, right set of circumstances, direct, time