Long Put

Long Put,

Long Put:

  • A long put option refers to the purchase of a put option, usually with the possibility of a reduction in the underlying asset. For speculative reasons, a trader can buy an input option and bet that the underlying asset will fall, which will increase the value of the long input option. The call and pop option can also be used to block long positions in the underlying asset. When the underlying asset is depleted, the value of the pop-up option increases, which helps to offset the losses in the internal asset.

    • Investors buy when they think the stock is going down.
    • Investors can choose long-term options to speculate or protect their portfolios.
    • The negative risk is limited by the long input option strategy.

Literal Meanings of Long Put


Meanings of Long:
  1. Measure the long distance from one end to the other.

  2. Long lasting or time consuming.

  3. Relatively large scale.

  4. (From head), which is classified as long and long, long for quality (for example, in standard British English, head / uː / long meal differs from short head / ʊ / good).

  5. (Luck or destiny) which reflects or represents a low probability.

  6. (Shares, bonds or other assets) are acquired in anticipation of a price increase.

  7. Fully loaded.

  8. Long intervals or periods.

  9. Long notes, such as long Morse code hints or long headers or letters.

  10. Old bonds, especially gold bonds.

  11. for a long time.

Sentences of Long
  1. Long way

  2. A long and honorable career

  3. Write long reports

  4. The biggest problem with long heads is that there are many ways to spell the same sound.

  5. Victory over great difficulties

  6. However, yields on long-term half-life bonds increased in the 1970s.

  7. See you later

  8. Two long and one short

  9. As the dollar rises, gold will come under pressure and you may have to release your weakest purchases before continuing your advance.

  10. We haven't known him in a long time

  11. The midfielder takes a step back and throws the long ball

Synonyms of Long

lengthy, of considerable length, extended, prolonged, extensive, stretched out, spread out, protracted, overlong, long-drawn-out, drawn-out, spun-out, dragged-out, seemingly endless, lingering, interminable, soon, shortly, presently, in the near future, in a short time


Meanings of Put:
  1. Move or stay in a special position.

  2. Bring special terms and conditions.

  3. Throwing as sport (punch or weight)

  4. (Rio) flows in a certain direction.

  5. One shot or one weight

  6. Put the mean option

Sentences of Put
  1. I held my hand

  2. They try to make me feel good

  3. She set a women's record with 567 shots

  4. A small stream flows into the Warner Lakes in the southwest.

  5. Nichols posted 61.05 on his third attempt.

  6. When you sell an input option, you agree to buy shares from the input option holder at a specified price.

Synonyms of Put

place, set, put down, set down, lay, lay down, deposit, situate, position, settle