Long position

Long position,

Definition of Long position:

  1. A situation in which investors buy commodities, financial instruments, stocks, etc. (Or sign a sales agreement) so you can expect higher prices. A long-term investor is a promising speculator and will receive a real item, instrument or stock if he holds the position during the delivery period (rather than contracting with it). Unlike short positions. It is also called long.

How to use Long position in a sentence?

  1. We decided to invest in what we trusted and that's why we decided to invest heavily in assets.
  2. The stock doesn't do very well, but Mark buys in large numbers with the hope of improvement.
  3. My uncle, Greg, told me about this long position when he bought a few hundred shares in this smart new company, because he believes that it will do a great job in the years to come. Will have to double

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