Long Duration Contracts

Long Duration Contracts,

Long Duration Contracts Definition:

  1. Long Duration Contracts means, In addition to financial guarantee agreements, mortgage agreements and guarantee agreements, other agreements that meet the following two conditions. Contract period.

Literal Meanings of Long Duration Contracts


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Meanings of Contracts:
  1. Written or verbal agreements, especially those relating to work, sale or rent, which are intended to be legally enforceable.

  2. Decrease in size, number or rating.

  3. Make a formal and legally binding agreement.

  4. Grip or development (disease or infectious agent)

  5. For duty (loan)

Sentences of Contracts
  1. I have just signed a contract with the club

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  3. Local authorities will nominate several agencies to provide services

  4. Three people contracted a deadly virus

  5. قرض 3,300

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pact, understanding, engage, agreement, shrink, fall into, bond, promise, catch, get, become smaller, undertake, commit oneself, become liable to pay, arrangement, compact, acquire, covenant, undertaking, come down with, pledge, commitment, incur, be struck down with, settlement, become infected with, fall ill with

Long Duration Contracts,

What Does Long Duration Contracts Mean?

  • Except agreements, financial guarantee agreements, mortgage agreements and guarantor agreements, which meet the following two conditions: (1) the term of the agreement is at least thirteen months and (2) cancellation of the insurer's premium Or can't increase. Contract. To point.

Literal Meanings of Long Duration Contracts


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Meanings of Duration:
  1. The time when something happens.

Sentences of Duration
  1. Rent a motorcycle on vacation.


Meanings of Contracts:
  1. A written or oral agreement, specifically a lease, sale or lease agreement, the purpose of which is legal force.

  2. Decrease in size, number or scope.

  3. Sign a formal and legally binding agreement.

  4. Catching or preparing (disease or infectious agent)

Sentences of Contracts
  1. What is the contract with the club now?

  2. The glass shrinks when it cools.

  3. Three people are infected with the deadly virus.

  4. 3,300. Loan

Synonyms of Contracts

get smaller, engagement, negotiate a deal, diminish, enter into an agreement, decrease, be stricken with, deal, bargain, account, make a deal, dwindle, go down with, take ill with, succumb to, convention, take sick with, decline, shrivel, develop, treaty, run up, reach an agreement, reduce, indenture, be taken ill with, concordat, pick up, entente