Definition of Logistics:

  1. Plan, implement, and control the supply, movement, and parking of personnel, equipment, and other resources to achieve campaign objectives, plans, projects, or strategies. It can be described as mobile and stationery stock management.

  2. Detailed interaction of complex processes with many people, facilities or supplies.

  3. Supply refers to the general process of managing how resources are obtained, stored and reached. Logistics management involves identifying potential dealers and suppliers and determining their performance and reach. Those in charge of logistics are called logistics.

  4. Logistics was originally a term of military origin used to describe the way in which soldiers supply, store and transport supplies and equipment. The term is widely used today in the corporate sector, especially in manufacturing companies, to refer to how resources are managed and transferred through the supply chain.

Synonyms of Logistics

Chandlery, Reinforcement, War plans, Direction, Minor operations, Management, Maneuvers, Finding, Victualing, Endowment, Armament, Accouterment, Coordination, Regimentation, Purveyance, Furnishing, Replenishment, War game, Administration, Arrangement, Operation, Combined operations, Maneuver, Military operations, Amphibious operations, Handling, Action, Masterminding, Execution, Outfitting, Retailing, Organization, Engineering, Catering, Orchestration, Mission, Resupply, Preparation, Overseas operations, Provision, Movement, Subsidization, Procurement, Furnishment, Fitting out, Equipment, Staff work, Subsidy, Supplying, Supply, Dry run, Providing, Investment, Subvention, Selling, Running, Provisioning, Fluid operations, Operations, Planning, Plans

How to use Logistics in a sentence?

  1. Vaccination campaign costs and supplies.
  2. A company's poor supply can affect results.
  3. The general process of logistics management is how resources are obtained, stored and reached.
  4. Several board members handled the company's logistics carefully, and moving to the big city has been great so far.
  5. Whenever I make a purchase on Amazon and choose to ship a series of unrelated items the next day, I collect my items from warehouses in several countries and send them to the United States within 24 hours of delivery. I am amazed. .
  6. He knew it would take him a long time to get to the narrow staircase to his room, but he returned home in the hope that things would get better. ۔ Of action
  7. Today, logistics is widely used in companies, especially in manufacturing companies, to refer to resource management methods and their movement in the supply chain.

Meaning of Logistics & Logistics Definition


What Does Logistics Mean?

  • The definition of Logistics is: Logistics refers to how resources are procured, stored, and reaches their final destination. The general process of management refers to the management of logistics to identify potential dealers and suppliers and their capabilities and accessibility. Contains determination. The logistics manager is called the logistics.

    • Logistics management is the general process of how resources are obtained, stored and reached.
    • A company's poor supply can affect results.
    • Logistics is widely used in business today, especially in manufacturing companies, as it relates to the management and transfer of resources in the supply chain.

  • Logistics means, Transport services including transportation and departure transport management, fleet management, storage, material handling, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, supply and demand planning, third party logistics management and others. Support services.

Meanings of Logistics

  1. Detailed interaction of complex processes with many people, facilities or supplies.

Sentences of Logistics

  1. Supply costs and vaccination campaigns