Logic gate

Logic gate,

Definition of Logic gate:

  1. Basic digital-logic element used in building electronic circuits. The five basic types of gates are named in Boolean notation as OR gate, AND gate, NOT gate, NOR (NOT OR) gate, and NAND (NOT AND) gate, all of which are used in directing (switching) current flow. Except the NOT gate, each gate accepts more than one binary input, and output is a function of the input(s). Also called logic circuit.

  2. A device which performs a logical operation on one or more Boolean input signals to produce a Boolean output signal, typically used in digital circuits; also in extended use.

How to use Logic gate in a sentence?

  1. Any circuit that can be built by combining logic gate s can also be built using only NAND gates, a property called functional completeness.
  2. You should have a good grasp of how to use a logic gate and see if it can help improve your business in any way.
  3. The logic gate provided a contextual method of analyzing or viewing the problem which put us in the best position to solve it.

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