Definition of Logging:

  1. Systematic recording of daily or hourly activities, events, and/or occurrences in a log book.

  2. The activity or business of felling trees and cutting and preparing the timber.

Synonyms of Logging

Christmas tree farming, Afforestation, Arboriculture, Booking, Cataloging, Chronicling, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entering, Entry, Forest management, Forestation, Forestry, Impanelment, Indexing, Inscribing, Inscription, Insertion, Inventorying, Listing, Lumbering, Matriculation, Posting, Record keeping, Recordation, Recording, Reforestation, Register, Registration, Registry, Silviculture, Tabulation, Tree farming, Woodcraft

How to use Logging in a sentence?

  1. Measures to counter illegal logging of the countrys tropical rainforests.

Meaning of Logging & Logging Definition