Definition of Lodging:

  1. Comprises of rent and a reasonable allowance for utilities and use of appliances and furniture.

  2. A place in which someone lives or stays temporarily.

Synonyms of Lodging

Abiding, Abiding place, Abode, Accommodations, Address, Apartment, Assembly-line housing, Berth, Billeting, Cantonment, Cohabitation, Commorancy, Commorant, Crash pad, Crib, Diggings, Digs, Domicile, Domiciliation, Domus, Doss, Dwelling, Dwelling place, Habitancy, Habitation, Hospitality, House, Housing, Housing bill, Housing development, Housing problem, In residence, Inhabitancy, Inhabitation, Inhabiting, Living, Living in, Living quarters, Lodging place, Lodgings, Lodgment, Lower-income housing, Nest, Nesting, Occupancy, Occupation, Pad, Place, Place to live, Quartering, Quarters, Remaining, Residence, Residency, Resident, Residentiary, Residing, Roof, Room, Rooms, Roost, Seat, Shelter, Sleeping place, Slum clearance, Sojourning, Squatting, Staying, Staying over, Stopping, Subdivision, Tenancy, Tenement, Tract, Transient lodging, Urban renewal

How to use Lodging in a sentence?

  1. A fee for board and lodging.

Meaning of Lodging & Lodging Definition