Definition of Lodge:

  1. In general, a place offering inexpensive overnight accommodation with basic amenities.

Synonyms of Lodge

Dymaxion house, White House, Abide, Accept, Accommodate, Admit, Adobe house, Affiliate, Arm, Bank, Bed, Berth, Bestow, Billet, Blockhouse, Board, Box, Branch, Branch office, Bring forward, Building, Bundle away, Bungalow, Bunk, Burrow, Cabin, Caboose, Cache, Camp, Casa, Catch, Cave, Chalet, Chapter, Cliff dwelling, Coffer, Cohabit, Confirm, Consulate, Contain, Cot, Cote, Cottage, Couch, Country house, Country seat, Covert, Dacha, Deanery, Deep-dye, Define, Den, Deposit, Division, Domicile, Domiciliate, Doss down, Dwell, Dwelling house, Earth, Edifice, Embassy, Embed, Engraft, Engrave, Enter, Entertain, Entrench, Erection, Establish, Etch, Fabric, Farm, Farmhouse, File, Fix, Form, Found, Furnish accommodations, Gatehouse, Ground, Hall, Hang out, Harbor, Hold, Hole, Hospice, Hostel, Hostelry, House, Houseboat, Hut, Hutch, Impact, Implant, Impress, Imprint, Infix, Ingrain, Inhabit, Inn, Inscribe, Jam, Lair, Lake dwelling, Lay, Lay away, Lay down, Lay in, Lay in store, Live, Living machine, Local, Log cabin, Love nest, Manor house, Manse, Mew, Nest, Occupy, Offshoot, Organ, Pack, Pack away, Parsonage, Penthouse, Perch, Pied-a-terre, Plant, Post, Prefabricated house, Presidential palace, Print, Public house, Put away, Put down, Put up, Quarter, Ranch house, Receive, Record, Rectory, Register, Remain, Repose, Reposit, Reservoir, Reside, Rest, Roadhouse, Roof, Room, Roost, Root, Run, Salt away, Salt down, Seat, Set, Set down, Set forth, Set in, Set out, Settle, Shack, Shanty, Shelter, Skyscraper, Snuggery, Sod house, Split-level, Squat, Stable, Stamp, Stash, Stay, Stereotype, Stick, Stick fast, Stop, Store, Store away, Stow, Stow away, Stow down, Strike root, Structure, Submit, Take, Take in, Take root, Tavern, Tenant, Town house, Tunnel, Vicarage, Warehouse, Wedge, Wing

Meaning of Lodge & Lodge Definition