Local Content Measure

Local Content Measure,

Local Content Measure Definition:

  • When a company or investor needs to buy a quantity of locally sourced goods for use in manufacturing etc. Of your product.

Literal Meanings of Local Content Measure


Meanings of Local:
  1. Residents of a particular area or environment.

  2. It belongs to a particular area or neighborhood, usually in particular.

Sentences of Local
  1. The street is full of locals and tourists

  2. Local historical research

Synonyms of Local

town, provincial, parish, municipal, parochial, village, inhabitant, local person, parishioner, resident, parish-pump, city, regional, citizen, neighbourhood, native, district, community


Meanings of Content:
  1. To satisfy (someone)

  2. Satisfaction

  3. A member of the British House of Lords votes for a particular movement.

  4. In a state of bliss.

  5. Things that contain or exist.

Sentences of Content
  1. Nothing will satisfy you

  2. Much of this century is a time of content

  3. He looks happier, less bitter

Synonyms of Content

things inside, please, silence, fulfilment, content, contentment, still, mollify, soothe, satisfy, satisfaction, satisfied, contentedness, placate, pacify, make happy, load, pleased, appease, contented


Meanings of Measure:
  1. Determine the size, number, or grade (of an object) by means of a tool or instrument marked in standard units, or by comparing an item of a known size.

  2. Define or evaluate the scope, quality, value, or effect of (something)

  3. Proceed (a specified distance or area)

  4. A plan or action plan to achieve a specific goal.

  5. A standard unit of measurement used to express the size, quantity, or degree of an object.

  6. A certain quantity or degree of something.

  7. The rhythm of a poem or musical piece.

  8. A group of layers of rocks.

Sentences of Measure
  1. The amount of water stored is measured in liters

  2. It is difficult to measure teaching ability

  3. Cost reduction measures

  4. Furlong is an ancient measure of length.

  5. The country retains a high degree of independence

  6. There is no measure of gold in poetry, only the rhythm of maracas, only the sound of ears.

Synonyms of Measure

certain amount, weigh, appraise, step, deed, judge, system, plumb, action, amount, size, consider, assess, metre, think carefully about, rhythm, select with care, course, choose carefully, quantify, count, estimate, evaluate, calculate, quantity, standard, course of action, compute