Loc Method

Liquid oil cream LOC here is the abbreviation of loc method.you probably have heard about this nourishing method that locks the moisture in your hair.This method was invented for those who really have dried,frizzy and rough hairs.Hair remain settle when they are wet.after sometime they are frizzy and to maintain a hairstyle is quite difficult task.

Smooth and sleek hairs are always desirable,but unluckily some people can’t get those type of hairs.loc method helps you to settle down your hairs in such a way that are manageable for you,and you can carry them for many days.the hairs become more shiny and vivid.they look healthier than before.Rough hairs looks faded when their moisture lose

you can restore your moisture through this.
To some extent abbreviation shows that it is quit a difficult task to do or you have to visit saloon but even it is the game of 15 minutes.just spare sometime for you.some of you ,might have experience it in past when it was compulsory to oil your hair when they are wet.now the practices are changed and apply conditioner instead of oil is in fashion.

So wet hairs easily lock moisture when you put oil on the roots.Mostly it is also practised that to massage your hair before washing.This is also good but applying oil on clean hairs benefits you more.so let’s see what actually is loc ?

Essentials of loc method

There are only few essential and are given below

1:Leave in conditioner

First thing to apply on hairs is a leave in conditioner.if your hairs are low porosity be then you need water.if your hairs are freshly washed then no need of doing this because a lot of moisture are in hairs already that’s why for first step only apply a leave in conditioner or oil replacement can also work for this.


The second step is application of oil as we told that for low porosity hairs essential oils are not enough,you have to chose a carrier oil which may benefit you more.it works great on dried and rough hairs.you can chose the organ oil, jojoba oil,olive oil or coconut oil.All of them gives best results.


After applying oil with giving satisfactory time now it’s time to apply cream.what cream you should take? The cream is normal cream that you apply before curling or straigthning hairs. these creams are enriched with nourishing elements and protect your hair from outside dust particles.you can also apply shea butter instead of cream.shea butter will thoroughly gives you moisturizer.

How long does the loc method last??

Loc method will easily last, for one week on minimum five days.butvuntil you wash your hair, your hairs will be moisturized.And after washing your hairs you will find your hair more smooth and nourishes.now your hairs will look healthier even if you not repeat the loc process but its continuous use will definitely help you to overcome the growth and maintenance problem.
Does loc impact the porosity of hairs??

Basics classification of hairs are of two types

Low porosity hairs

Low porosity hairs are the hairs that don’t allow the moisture to penetrate into hairs.in other words the moisture did not absorb in the hairs properly.thats why the styling and handling of such hairs is a very challenging task.you can’t open your hairs in the functions and you have no other option except straigthning.

high porosity hairs

On the other hand high porosity hairs allows the moisture to easily penetrate they become greasy and wet when so much oil is absorbed.they have to wash their hairs after 3 days. Mostly such kind of hairs are called oily hairs too…

To whom loc will benefit more?

Loc will benefit low porosity hairs because their strands absorb oil while massaging and this bus be kept in view of you have low porosity hairs then proper application of products is a very difficult task too.you have to take little bunch of hairs and apply the product one by one for good results.

In the contradiction the loc will not much benefit the low porosity hairs as they are already enriched with moisture and oil.so application of extra products will make them heavier,and dull look their natural shine will abolished.

Summary: Above we discussed the loc method in detail where we see the difference aspects of applying products according to hair types and which product will be good for which type of hairs. Simply hairs are classified into two basic classes low porosity and high porosity.the loc is mainly about low porosity that are difficult to manage.and for styling this is also very tough.

Benefits of Loc

Loc allows hairs to lock in moisture through the application of certain products in a queue.such as liquid that may be also alovera gel,water,leave in conditioner etc.tge second one is the oil which may be any nourishing and carrier oil like jojoba,olive, coconut etc.

After that it comes cream that will absorbed in the hairs and make a shiny healthier film on the hair surface.your hairs will look more appealing and stylish.the confidence that you will gain along with nourishment is priceless.
Thus the abbreviation of loc completed as liquid,oil,cream.


In last we will say that there are many methods to experience.one can chose wisely according to hair types (liquid oil cream) method is one of them.its a quite simple method you have to do nothing except application of these products in a queue to attain maximum results.

Dry hairs are very difficult to carry and to maintain them in good position is also very tough.they are not controllable so the heating is only solution that comes in our mind.heating like straightener and curling rods damage your hairs and even make them more rough.so there’s a need of something that make our hairs smooth beautiful and gorgeous.

loc has solved your problem and it is not a temporary solution rather keeping in practice would help you to naturally grow your hair long,softer,healthy, shiny.nourished.
So in your daily life practice this method.